Doxa Singles

Doxa is the Greek word for glory used in the New Testament.

Who are we?

In short, Doxa Singles’ goal is to glorify God.

Teaching Biblical truth mixed with lots of Christ-centred fellowship, characterized by integrity, sums up the entirety of our ministry to the singles of Cloverdale Baptist Church.

We are a group of singles whose ages range between 25 and 55, composed of unattached (not separated) single men and women, divorcees, and single parents.

What do we do?

Doxa Singles meets twice a month: once for a time of fellowship and ministry, and once for a fun social event, but don’t think those are the only times we will fellowship … going out for lunch on Sundays, planning a fun impromptu event, all are part of what our ministry is all about!

Come grow and enrich your knowledge of God and the Bible at our teaching ministry nights, fellowship over an array of delicious snacks, and join us for fun social events and activities that are mixed with an element of adventure.

Coming Up:

When: this Saturday, April 21st at 6:30 PM
Where:  Cloverdale Baptist Church, fellowship hall

  • Any favourite games, from childhood? from adulthood? or a playful outlook! :) 
  • And food/snacks that you want to share!

Have you been to one of those, game/cafes? We'll create our own, by providing hot water/tea/juice. :) Even if games aren't your thing, you're welcome to just come and visit with us all!

For more info on this event or Doxa Singles, please email us at