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Exploring Who Jesus Is
A six-part study which introduces you to what the Bible teaches about Jesus Christ. It is designed for people who are new/pre-Christian who desire to learn the basics about the Christian faith. Topics of study will be: “Is there a God; What is God like; Who Is Jesus, etc.

Exploring Your Walk with Jesus
A six-part study which helps you understand that the Christian life is more than deciding to believe. It includes a life of obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ and a daily walk that reaches into every area of life. You’ll study topics like: The Person of Jesus; The Bible; The Holy Spirit; Prayer, etc.

Exploring Your Bible
A six-part study to introduce you to the Bible as well as give you some helpful tools for reading and study it. The goal of this study is to help you understand the basics of the Bible and how to apply it to your life. You’ll study topics like: What is the Bible; What can the Bible do for Me; How Do I Study the Bible, etc.

Exploring Prayer
Will help you develop a closer relationship with your heavenly father, better understand the importance and role of prayer and learn the fundamental principles of an effective prayer life. The goal is to help you explore and understand that prayer is an effective tool and a great resource in your daily Christian walk.

Exploring Gospel Conversations
This study is designed to help us all engage in the mission that our lord has given us to be disciple-making-disciples. It will give us helpful ways for us to understand our participation in that mission, in our everyday life, is to engage in gospel conversations.

Exploring Church Membership
This study introduces you to what the Bible says about the church and how Cloverdale Baptist Church  applies those principles to its life and ministry. We will discuss and learn why it is important to be a member, and what it means to be a committed person in God’s plan for His family lived out here at Cloverdale.  We will study how it is our desire as a church to live together as a family, loyal to Jesus and one another. Other topics included are: what it means to be conformed to His image, how to make a missional impact together for His glory and what is the gospel, our statement of faith, etc. This class is required for those who what to become a church member. 

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