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Overflow Youth presents...

Ice Skating + McDonalds!

Friday, January 25th, 5:45pm - 9:15pm


It's an Overflow Classic! Like RingPop and Review, Ice skating and McDonald's go together perfectly!

Meet at the church at 5:45pm (Yes that is a bit earlier than usual).

Pickup at 9:15pm at the church.



Scenario #1 If you have your own skates: $6 Includes: Admission and a $3 McDonald's snack of your choice.

Scenario #2 If you have to rent skates: $9 Includes: Admission, a $3 McDonald's snack of your choice, and skate rental.

If you are 12 or under the rink does require that you wear a helmet. Either bring your own or we will cover the cost of rental at the rink.

If you have questions please email Pastor Thomas: thomas.calamunce@yahoo.com

**As always, if money is the reason that you aren't coming, let me know and we will make it work. We want everyone to come!