What's Next?

College & Career (Age 18-30)

For C&C this week (April 19th) we will be doing something a little different.

We will be doing a hike at Campbell Valley Park.

We will plan to meet at the Church at 4:30pm and then be at Campbell Valley by 5pm.   

After hiking there for about an hour, we will head on back over to Nate's place (Contact Nate for address) for a potluck dinner and a movie.   

For the potluck dinner, we are asking that each person bring one item of food that could serve 3-5 people.  

Please let us know if you are coming and if you can only make it for a part of the event that is totally fine.   

If you plan to meet up with us any time after 4:30pm at the Church please be in touch with Nate or the church at 604-574-8799.


Questions? Contact Pastor Thomas: