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Bridal & Baby Showers

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"Rejoice with those who rejoice..."
Romans 12:15

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~ Bridal and Baby Showers ~
Showering those we love with blessings!
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Showers are wonderful opportunities for the women of CBC to come together
and show their love and support for 
brides-to-be & new moms
in our congregation! 

Women will be notified of upcoming showers through the Sunday bulletin.
You can also check back here for details on upcoming showers.

So come on out and enjoy an evening of fun, food & fellowship
while we shower those we love with blessings!

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Stay tuned for upcoming Bridal Showers! 



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Stay tuned for upcoming Baby Showers!



There are many ways that you can be involved in helping us put on a truly memorable shower!  
If you are interested in serving Jesus & the women @ CBC in this way 
please fill out the form below.


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