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Here at CBC, we are excited each time a child enters our building because we KNOW they will be learning about Jesus! But we can’t do it without your help!

- Looking for the Criminal Record Check? Scroll to the bottom of the page!

Here are all the different areas you can be apart of!
What suits you best?


Snuggle the smallest members of our congregation - babies age 0-2! Play, snuggle, play, snuggle…what are you waiting for!?


Teach or help assist a teacher in either the age 2 classroom, or with ages 3-5! Pre-school is kind of the best…you get to play, read Bible stories, make crafts and eat snack. What more is there to say?

Grade School 

Our Grade School has 2 different options you can choose from.

10:30am is our program during the service. Volunteer here 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off as a small group teacher or helper, and have a big part in impacting young minds and hearts for Jesus!

Several weeks throughout the year, we take a break from our regular programming during the service to give our regular teachers a break. This includes some communion Sundays, Christmas break, Spring break and summer. Be a volunteer on one of these teams, scheduled on a rotation, and participate in the large group fun and learning that goes on!

Hall Monitors 

As a hall monitor, you are ensuring the kids’ safety as they travel from room to room, an extra set of eyes as teachers take kids to the washroom, and assisting if any issues arise.

Check-In Computers

Do you like chatting with people as they come in, meeting new people, and helping them understand what’s going on? Look no further. As a volunteer with our check in system, your job is simply to greet people as they come to sign in their children, and help out any newcomers get their child(ren) signed in!


During the service, our Imagine program runs for families who have children with special needs. Hang out one on one with these awesome kids and help them learn about Jesus in their own unique way!


Any person age 18+ looking to volunteer at CBC with children age 0 – Grade 12 must complete:

  • A Children’s Ministry Application (Online) / Printable Application, and
  • A Criminal Record Check - Print this copy out and take it to your local RCMP station. They will fill it out for you, and then have you return it to the church office or the appropriate church staff member.

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