Early Childhood

2 1/2-year old to kindergarten

The goal of our ministry is to partner with parents and our church body to build strong, spiritual foundations in the lives of children in our church and community, which will lead them to a personal relationship with Jesus.

Beginning at age 2 1/2, we strive for our children to know that God created them and loves them. We continue to teach Biblical truths so that by the time they enter the elementary ministry, our hope is that they will understand who Jesus is, what He did for them, and have built a foundation toward a life-long relationship with Him.


Children are divided into their age-appropriate groups. Each classroom is designed with the child in mind and located on the ground level of the Main Building. Our rooms are staffed with loving and trained teams who have trusted Jesus as their Savior and desire to share their love for Jesus with our children. These teams are there to love and care for your child while emphasizing their spiritual development and character growth.

Class time

Bible stories will jump off the pages and into reality through interactive lessons, hands-on activities, puppets, crafts, and snacks. The class time is structured to stimulate learning and reinforce Biblical truths while helping children to apply them to everyday situations. These activities are exciting and developmentally focused to encourage active learning.


Safety is important to us, therefore we have put several policies in place:

  • Adults and children are given corresponding family numbers for authorized adults to check-in and check-out children
  • Adults 18 year old and up are authorized to check-in and check-out a child
  • All volunteers are screened and background checked before serving in our classrooms
  • A safe ratio of child to adult in each classroom

Wellness Policy

In order to keep our classrooms a safe and healthy place, we require that you keep your child in your care if they have experienced the following symptoms within the past 24 hours:

  • Fever
  • Rash or skin infection
  • Persistent Cough
  • Non-clear runny nose