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 Our KREW (Kids ‘R Energized in Worship) program is for kids in grades 5 or 6. The program runs through the whole year, beginning in September. Here, kids get to learn the value of serving in the local church, can begin to explore different areas the Lord has gifted them in, and can learn what it means to be a leader! Different areas your child will have the opportunity to explore include tech, collecting offering, leading actions for songs, assisting the leaders in the Grade 1/2 classroom, praying, handing out Bible Bucks and more! Kids involved in KREW are expected to bring their Bibles weekly, memorize the weekly verses, be regular church attenders (as much as possible), and be paying attention during the programs, helping the other kids stay focused and on task. Our KREW program runs in both the Sunday School and Kids Connection hours, however your child would only be expected to be at the times that they sign up for (one or the other, or both).

If you would like your child to participate in this program, please note that we begin handing out forms for it at the end of the summer for each school year. If you lost yours and would like a new one, see our Downloads tab to print out a new copy.

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