Ministries Technology

Translation Services


Turn your smartphone into your personal listening device.  The Free Audio Everywhere app download provides streaming audio on your Apple or Android smartphone or tablet and allows you to listen to our services in your language. The Audio Everywhere App enables you to pick from among available languages and is streamed over WiFi so you can use you own device and listen with your own headset.

Currently we are supporting Vietnamese and English for Assisted listening.

STEP 1: Use our public WiFi (CBC-Guest) to download the FREE App from one of the two options below.


STEP 2: Connect to our AUDIOEVERYWHERE WiFi network on Sundays from 10.15 am to 12pm. Note that this is a scheduled service and will NOT work on any of the other Networks or outside of the above hours. Additionally, the audio stream is only broadcast in the sanctuary and not throughout the church facility. A password is not required to connect.

STEP 3: Open the app and select "SCAN". It should find and connect to our language server.

STEP 4: Choose one of the available languages and participate in the Sunday message in the sanctuary.


Note: The AudioEverywhere network is intended for message translation and is prioritized for this service. As such general internet access is severely limited. Please use our public WiFi (CBC-Guest) for general internet access.