To God's Beloved At Cloverdale Baptist Church:

I am so thankful to serve in this family, and to have the opportunity to have an impact with you on eternity.  Lately we as a congregation have been able to set off many celebrations in heaven as people have trusted in Jesus for the first time, and for that we praise God.  Heard of two more this week...MAY THE CELEBRATIONS INCREASE!

Our goal has been to develop a Culture of Evangelism, and through prayer and this pursuit we would be so encouraged if each of us who call this church home would seek to reach one other person for Jesus.  The beauty and power of multiplication would mean that if each of us did this, and the people we reached would reach one that we would impact Canada in a very few years.  At Cloverdale we long for impact, for Holiness, Truth, Mission and Love, and your part in each of these is essential!

As a church we have long prayed to be a sending church around the world, and we are sending two families onto the mission field this year.  As you pray for Fenskes and Penners wanted to remind you that Penners need a significant part of their support put together by February 26.  The most we can do for them is to pray, but they also need more practical support, so if you feel led to support them finacially please contact them directly or talk to Murray Isaac.

This week we celebrate LOVE.  It is worth celebrating, not only in marriage (LORI I LOVE YOU), or with our sweetheart if you are not married, but also as the reality that God wants us to be known for.  This week as we celebrate, may it remind us that the number one thing the people of God are to be known for is our love for one another.  Today, this week, this year, express this, ABOVE ALL LOVE ONE ANOTHER DEEPLY!  We do this well as a church and we can always improve.  Choose to make sure that intentionally you are known for your love for others in our church family, preferring them and self sacrificially pursuing God's best for them (John 13:33-34; 1 Peter 4:8; Romans 12:10).  If we all did this conflict would disappear!  Each time this month (year) you get together with people from our church may your conversation be dominated with LOVE for God and others.

Prayer Reminder:  We continue to want to grow in our active dependance on God in prayer.  Encourage you to engage in the programs we now have and are growing in, as well as to constantly seek to improve your own prayer life.  Reminder:  Sunday 10:00 behind the worship centre, and Wednesday's at 7:00 am in the library.  We strongly believe that it is only by God's power that we can impact eternity, and this is what we LONG for!

Sunday Is Coming:

This will be our last sermon in the Culture of Outreach series, and our prayer that in response to this series you will be actively and intentionally helping us to have an impact where God has placed us!  

Title:  Christ Honouring Culture:

Text:  Colossians 4:2-6

Why do you think prayer is essential for making an impact for God's glory?

Why is prayer such a central part of Paul's life?

What does it mean to be steadfast in prayer?

How can we intentionally be conscious of God's presence every day?

As you review this text, notice what Paul asks them to pray for, and seek to pray this for others in our congregation!

Pray that we would be a multiplying church!

Have a great week!
Pastor Rob