To God's Beloved @ Cloverdale Baptist Church:

Missions Fest has come and gone, and it was a joy to take part as one of the breakout speakers this year.  I had the privilege of speaking with Jack Eggar, president of Global Children's Network, and loved seeing many of you there.  We took Sunday School off on Sunday as well, to listen to our own who have been called by God to go on mission from us (Daniel and Jessica, Ryan and Katelynn).  It is a joy to be a part of a a church like ours that is seeking to be involved in the Great Commission all around the world.  Please pray for these couples as they continue to raise support, and ask them for ways you can be effective supporters to them in prayer, love, and perhaps financial.

WELCOME ROBYN:  What a joy to see the unity of our church, and our corporate love for children's ministry.  Let us join Pastor Thomas and Robyn in this ministry with our prayers and our time, and in heaven the impact we have will be on display, so let us rejoice, and engage as we celebrate God bringing us a new servant for His glory!  Was sad for the people who love chocolate cake that we ran out (sorry Neil), however, I love carrot cake...so...

Prayer:  One of the things that we are passionate about at Cloverdale is PRAYER!  We want Cloverdale Baptist Church to be a house of prayer, and to be filled with people who pray!  To seek to continue to increase our excellence in this we have added two more prayer times for those who have this passion with us:  

  • Pre-Service Prayer:  Sunday's at 10:00 am, behind the back wall of the worship centre.  This will be led by Pastor Ray and seek to saturate our service in prayer.
  • Wednesday Morning Prayer Time:  We will be gathering in the LIBRARY on Wednesday mornings at 7:00 for prayer.  You are welcome and encouraged to join Pastor Ray in this time of focused prayer.

Mentoring Ministry:  It is a joy to hear what God is doing in our Women's Mentoring Ministry.  Our church is filled with godly women who are obeying Titus 2:3-5, and we already are seeing much fruit in those who have participated over the past few years.  Please prayerfully consider signing up for this ministry, and if you have further questions, please interact with Carmen Radke, or one of the women who was involved in this ministry before.  God is using this to encourage, grow, and deepen the women of our church, and I believe this is a huge opportunity for women to grow through this!

Growth Groups:  If you are not in a growth group, we will be starting another one soon, under Pastor Ray.  Please pay attention to the bulletin's.  Growth Group ministry is key to connecting with people in our church family and giving the opportunity for love and growth.  If there are enough people interested before Easter, we will joyfully respond, please talk to Pastor Les if you would like to connect more intimately with our church family, and through that with our God!

Sunday Is Coming:

Christ Honoring Culture:  I Am His Ambassador

2 Corinthians 5:11-21

Why do you think it is so easy to think of evangelism as someone else's job?  Program, or those gifted, rather than something each of us owns?

How does verse 11 fit in the context before and after in terms of what we will be judged for?

If we belong to Him, how can we show this in our pursuit of representing Him well?

What does it mean that He has chosen me to be His AMBASSADOR?

Take the time to outline the Gospel message so that you could share it in under five minutes.

Be in prayer for opportunities to represent Him faithfully with your life and lips!