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Church Is Essential

Church Is Essential

June 10,

to 4:30pm

Baptist Church


Church is Essential 2023

The last few years of ministry during the COVID-19 pandemic have been some of the most tumultuous and stressful that many of us have ever experienced. Vacillating pandemic restrictions that affected not just churches but all of society, created major challenges for us as pastors as we sought to care for the flock. But despite these recent trials, it is clear that God has sovereignly used the pandemic to disrupt the status quo. We are now forced to answer tough questions that reveal our fundamental assumptions about the nature of church and ministry. Is a hybrid schedule of part-time online and part-time in-person worship permissible for church members? Are my church’s programs truly equipping disciples for spiritual warfare and radical obedience to Jesus? Or have they served as a breeding ground for self-serving, consumeristic Christianity? If our government passes legislation that impinges on our freedom or ability to teach, preach, or gather, is our theology regarding the church and ministry sufficiently strong that we will have conviction to know where, when, and how to stand?



A conversation with Rob Godard & Sam Chua


In a culture that is radically individualistic and continues to march in a moral direction that is diametrically opposed to the Christian worldview, we are compelled to engage with these thorny questions head-on for the sake of the holiness and purity of the church of the living God. We believe that the Bible teaches that the church is not a mere building made of brick and wood, but a spiritual house made up of living stones. We believe that the Bible teaches that the church is a pillar and a buttress of the truth. We believe that the Bible teaches that the church is God’s chosen instrument through which he proclaims the precious Gospel of Jesus Christ. The church is Plan A and there is no Plan B.

It is our hope that at this year’s TGC BC Conference 2023, we would have the opportunity to be mutually encouraged and sharpened as we consider our conference theme—The Church Is Essential. We invite you to come and join together with us for a full day of teaching, singing, conversation and fellowship at Cloverdale Baptist Church on Saturday, June 10, 2023. May God bless the work of our hands as we seek to lift up the name of Jesus Christ! Soli Deo Gloria!


Mark Jones

Mark Jones

Faith Reformed
Presbyterian Church

Sam Chua

Sam Chua

Westlynn Baptist Church

Rob Godard

Rob Godard

Cloverdale Baptist Church

David Short

David Short

St. John's Vancouver
Anglican Church

Brett Landry

Brett Landry

Christ City Church



Conference Schedule

Doors Open
Fellowship & Refreshments

Session #1
The Church: Essential in God's Plan
> Mark Jones


Session #2
The Church: Essential in God's Word
> Sam Chua

Covid Survived, Now to Thrive
> Hosted by Paul Siemens

Lunch Break

Session #3
The Church: Essential for God's People
> David Short

Session #4
The Church: Essential for God's Mission
> Brett Landry


Session #5
The Church: Unified in Christ
> Rob Godard