Ministries Discipleship Classes

Discipleship Classes

Discipleship Classes

January – March 2024

It is our goal for all our ministries to grow people in their faith, equip them for ministry and unleash them as ambassadors. Discipleship Classes at Cloverdale Baptist Church is a program to help God’s people grow in their faith, as we seek to have the image of God formed in us (Galatians 4:19).

We encourage you to find a place on Sundays (September–May) at 9:00am where you can grow so that the impact you have on your community and world is maximized for the glory of God. No registration is required (except for the Membership Class).


January 14 – February 18, 2024

Keeping the Church on Mission

Pastor Rob Godard | Fellowship Hall

What happens when the world invades the church? The answer is chaos and demonic victory. Pastor Rob will be teaching on the importance of keeping the church safe, on mission, and in submission to her Lord. He’ll be addressing the dangers of demonic attack on the church and, after we are aware of these attacks, how we can fight back.

Grandparenting Matters Seminars

Paul Weme | Room 246 (Upstairs)

This seminar is designed to help you:

  • Learn what the Bible says about your influence as a grandparent.
  • Discover ways to strengthen your relationships with your adult children and influence your grandchildren spiritually.
  • Connect with other grandparents who share similar experiences.


Our goal in the Children’s Ministry department is to equip parents to lead in the home and to teach kids to live radically passionate lives for Christ. Therefore, the children’s ministry at CBC exists to train up disciples, from nursery to grade six, teaching them to know Jesus, to grow in their faith, to love the Word of God and to learn to serve Him.

  • Ages 0–2 in the Nursery
  • Ages 3–5 in Room 112
  • Grade 1–6 in the Gym


The youth ministry of CBC exists solely to bring glory to God. As a group, we will study God’s Word and apply it to our lives. We will love and worship God together, building up one another while serving with His Strength and seeking to be ambassadors to our world.

  • Grade 7 – 12 Boys & Girls | Youth Room

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