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Our Seniors (Over 55 Fellowship) meets for lunch the first Wednesday of every month for a time of food, fellowship and a special guest. Tickets are available at the church office or in the foyer starting two Sundays before the event.


During the year there are different events, retreats and special outings to cater to the interests of everyone.


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Top Frauds Affecting Seniors

My Family Legacy

& Memorial Preparation Guide

A resource to help you and your family tell your story as well as help your family plan your memorial service. It is important that you tell your story and make known your wishes while you can still remember important dates and events in your life.

This resource acts as a guide to help put down your thoughts and wishes in an orderly way. Start now, don’t put it off too long as you want to work at it slowly and thoughtfully, putting your thoughts in order. When you have finished, keep a copy for yourself among your “important papers”, and make sure to tell your children where those important papers are kept.

So, start now and enjoy the journey of telling your story. Feel free to add you own pages or pictures of important details that are unique to you.

My Family Legacy

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