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Kids Summer Camp Volunteers

Camp Dates

July 11–15, 2022  /  9:00am–12:30pm

Dear Volunteers,

THANK-YOU for taking the time to volunteer this summer! We believe that Kids Camp is an important and incredibly impactful week in a child's life, and are thankful for volunteers like you who make it possible to run every year! This year's camp, like many other things in the last year or so, will look quite different than it has in the past. You'll notice that there are many positions that we normally need to fill that are not available to sign up for this year - this is only because we are severely limited in our capacity, and have had to streamline the way we do camp in order to get as many campers in as possible!

Please also note, if you are looking to volunteer and have young children under the age of a regular camper, we are unfortunately unable to provide a program or place for your child to be cared for on church property this year. Again, it is simply an issue of numbers and our inability to accommodate that this year. We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes, and understand that this may mean we lose certain volunteers who would normally love to come help out! 
Please read through the following job descriptions, and when you are ready, you can fill out the volunteer registration questions and we will be in contact with you shortly!

Robyn Dueck

Job Descriptions

Small Group Leader
As a leader, you are the person in charge of your group of kids (each group has 6 kids). You will be the primary person keeping track of where your kids are, and will lead them when necessary from one location to the other, as well as lead a short small group discussion time with them each day. Just note that because of numbers, we can only have ONE leader for every SIX kids, so if you choose to volunteer in this way, you'll need to be comfortable in this role without a junior leader.

Junior Leader (Grade 8+)
This position will ONLY be available if we have a group that has a particular need for one extra leader. In this case, your job will be to assist the leader in keeping your kids on task and in the right place at the right time.

Registration Table
Mondays are a busy day, as excited campers roll up to our front doors! At the registration table, your job will be to sign campers in on their first day, make sure any cash/cheque payment is collected if it is still required, and give each camper their name tag for the day.

Bathroom Assistant
We need some helpful people willing to safely take children to the nearest washroom during camp. This allows our coaches to remain with the rest of their kids, rather than having to be leaving them alone! Your job is simply to make sure kids get to the bathroom and back safely.

Each day we need someone to keep a watchful eye out to ensure we keep our campers and staff safe! As the security volunteer, it will be your job to make sure no one enters the building that should not be on-site and at the end of the day.

Criminal Record Check

*PLEASE NOTE: ALL VOLUNTEERS must complete a CRIMINAL RECORD CHECK through the church by July 4, 2022. If we do not receive one from you, you will be unable to help with camp.

For any questions, contact Robyn at

Volunteer Registration

*Denotes Required Field

Personal Information

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Criminal Record Check


Spiritual History

Ministry Experience: Previous and Present


Ability to Work with Children

In order to provide a safe and secure environment for our church’s children and youth, we believe it is necessary to ask the following questions as part of our application process. All information will be kept in confidence by church leadership and the Safety & Risk Management team and will not be disclosed by the church unless required by law. Answering ’yes’ to any of the following questions may not necessarily prevent you from volunteering with the church. Thank you for your understanding.
1. Are there any circumstances involving your lifestyle or history that could call into question your ability to work safely with children or youth in a Christian environment (e.g. use of pornography, illegal substances, etc)?
2. Have you ever been convicted or found guilty of a criminal offence for which a pardon has not been granted (Note: This does not include minor traffic violations.) If ‘yes’ please list offences(s) and the date(s)
3. Have you ever been expelled from or had your employment terminated by any organization or employer for assault or violence against any person, or for assault, violence or impropriety with children, youth or vulnerable person (e.g. senior citizens or persons with disabilities)?
4. Have you ever been investigated by the BC Ministry of Children & Family Development or any other organization for suspected child abuse?
5. Do you have any health concerns which could impact your ability to perform the functions or the volunteer position for which you are applying?
6. Do you have any contagious diseases or medical concerns of which we should be aware, and of which we may need to take steps to protect against transmission should you volunteer at the church?


1. In order to decide my suitability for volunteer ministry in this organization, I hereby give the designated leadership of Cloverdale Baptist Church consent to:

  • Verify the information provided by me in this Ministry Personnel Application Form
  • Contact the references and employers listed in this application
  • Obtain and verify any information from them and any other persons that the church determines to be relevant to my application

2. I understand that in British Columbia a Criminal Record Check is legally required for anyone working with the Vulnerable Sector (children, youth and vulnerable adults). I therefore agree to complete a CRC and have it returned to Cloverdale Baptist Church.

3. I further grant Cloverdale Baptist Church the permission to perform an internet search on me and to review and consider any information found posted by me on the Internet.

4. I understand that if Cloverdale Baptist Church approves my volunteer application and later determines, in its discretion, at any time that I am not suitable for volunteer service in Cloverdale Baptist Church or for the volunteer position for which I am applying, the leadership may terminate my volunteer service or volunteer position for any reason without advance notice.

5. If Cloverdale Baptist Church approves my application for a volunteer position, I will sign any documents that the church requires and will at all time cooperate fully with the church leadership in the fulfillment of my duties and will keep all confidential information I encounter in my role as volunteer confidential.

6. If at any time I determine that for any reason I am unable to support or adhere to or follow the policies, procedures or doctrine of Cloverdale Baptist Church, I will inform the church leadership and will resign my volunteer position.

Information received in this Ministry Personnel Application Form is confidential and is being gathered for the purposes of considering your application for volunteer ministry with Cloverdale Baptist Church and for assessing potential ministry opportunities for you in the future.