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Pastor Robís Favorite Books of 2023 December 29, 2023

Pastor Rob challenges us to read and grow in the knowledge of God this coming year, starting with the most important book, His Word. Here he shares the top six books he read in 2023, as well as a few Christian authors he recommends:

1. Praying with Paul by D.A. Carson
2. Trusting God by Jerry Bridges
3. Doesn't Hurt to Ask by Trey Gowdy
4. Five Lies of Our Anti-Christian Age by Rosaria Butterfield
5. In His Image by Michael J. Wilkins
6. When People Are Big and God Is Small by Edward T. Welch

Recommended Authors:
- John Piper
- D.A. Carson
- Mark Jones

How Should We Engage in Politics? October 06, 2023

Seven points for Christians to consider when engaging in politics as aliens of this world and citizens of heaven.

Also see:
"Politics, Patriotism, and the Pulpit" by Ask Pastor John.
"Why Does Piper Avoid Politics and What's Trending?" by Ask Pastor John.

Understanding the Times September 08, 2023

How should Christians respond to issues happening in our culture and society? Are we fighting the wrong war? Pastor Rob kicks off our new podcast series Understanding the Times, where we'll interact with pressing issues believers face in a world that has distorted the truth.

More Than $3 Worth of the Gospel: Christian Community August 11, 2023

As we see the number of dechurched Christians rapidly increasing, we need to be reminded that God has commanded the gathering of believers. The church is a place to encourage one another, lest we are hardened by the deceitfulness of sin, and where each part does its work as the Body of Christ by serving one another.

More Than $3 Worth of the Gospel: Word Saturation July 14, 2023

Having a biblical worldview means understanding and seeing life based on what Gods Word teaches, not culture or tradition. In part two of this gospel series, Pastor Rob shares with us a few practical steps to become Word-saturated in a world so full of distractions.

Church Is Essential (w/ Sam Chua) June 02, 2023

The last few years have forced us to ask ourselves, is church really essential? Guest speaker at our upcoming conference, Pastor Sam Chua, joins us to express his concerns with the health of the church at the individual level and encourages us to value it as God does. He also invites listeners to attend the Church Is Essential Conference on June 10, 2023 at Cloverdale Baptist Church.

Identifying Biblical & Cultural Issues May 05, 2023

When issues arise in the church and the world, how do we avoid being traditionalists, where we build doctrinal fortresses that are not biblical, or culturalists, where we try to get as close as possible to the line of culture without crossing it?

Godly Disagreement April 21, 2023

How can we determine if a disagreement is worth putting unity at risk? Can we passionately disagree on an issue and still love one another?

3 Ways to Maximize the Resurrection Season March 24, 2023

This time of the year, the church calendar focuses on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. How can we as Christians take full advantage of this season to grow in our love for God and align ourselves with the mission He has given us in this world?

Submit your questions at and well answer them in future episodes.

Revelation: A Call to First-Love Devotion March 10, 2023

As the world becomes more and more corrupt, the topic of the end times has become increasingly popular. In light of the second coming, how does the book of Revelation tell us were to live and how can we avoid getting caught up in the different interpretations of the texts?

Watch our sermon series on Revelation:

Pastor Robís Favorite Books of 2022 January 13, 2023

Pastor Rob challenges us to read and grow in the knowledge of God this year, starting with the most important book, His Word. Here he shares the top five books he read in 2022, along with some honorable mentions:

1. Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by Donald Whitney
2. Gospel Wakefulness by Jared Wilson
3. Above All J. D. Greear
4. Filling Up the Afflictions of Christ by John Piper
5. Keep in Step with the Spirit by J. I. Packer

Be Encouraged: God Is At Work December 30, 2022

As we start a new year, Pastor Rob takes a moment to reflect on the ways God has used our church to impact millions of lives around the globe through various ministries in the last few decades and encourages us to respond with a passion to serve Him and be used by Him.

Q&A: Are Christmas Traditions a Distraction? December 16, 2022

Christmas is one of the most important celebrations for Christians. And yet it is so easy to miss its real meaning when so many cultural traditions keep us busy and distracted during the season.

This episode is part of our ongoing Q&A podcast series. Submit your questions at and we will answer them in future episodes.

Q&A: Engaging in Spiritual Warfare November 18, 2022

Spiritual warfare is a reality that Christians face every day, but how do we avoid falling for silly myths and engage in battle with a biblical perspective?

This episode is part of our ongoing Q&A podcast series. Submit your questions at and we will answer them in future episodes.

40 Years of Ministry in a Muslim Country (w/ Tony) November 04, 2022

Several decades ago, Cloverdale Baptist Church sent a missionary couple to a Muslim country. Today one of them is joining us to share how God has been working through their radio ministry to bring the gospel to thousands of Muslims, equipping them to persevere through deadly persecution for their faith.

Please join us in praying for our brothers and sisters who are facing persecution around the world.

Q&A: Is Belief in Genesis 1-11 Essential? October 21, 2022

Is belief in a literal Genesis 1-11 essential for Christians? If not, can we believe that we are products of evolution where death has always been around? These are some of the questions from our listeners that we interacted with on this weeks episode.

Send us your questions at and well answer them in future episodes!

Q&A: Why Do We Trust and Preach the Bible? October 07, 2022

In this weeks episode, were starting a new Q&A series where Pastor Rob will be answering some great questions submitted by our listeners. Our overarching theme for our first Q&A is the authority and importance of the Biblewhy do we trust and preach the Bible?

Send us your questions at and we will answer them in future episodes!

At-Home Discipleship (w/ Dwight Stephen) September 23, 2022

Dwight Stephen recently came on staff at Cloverdale Baptist Church as the Pastor of Families with a Focus on Children. He is passionate about training and equipping parents to disciple their children at home and in this weeks podcast episode, Pastor Dwight shared with us the top 3 priorities families must have to effectively disciple kids at home.

Mission Possible: Understanding the Times September 09, 2022

How do we seek to understand the times and respond to issues biblically rather than culturally? In this episode, Pastor Rob reflects on Hebrews 12:1-3, a passage that encourages us to remain loyal to Gods Word and His church in a world where it can be exhausting and difficult to do so.

Our Global Impact on Childrenís Lives (w/ Jack Eggar) August 12, 2022

Jack Eggar, former president of AWANA and founder of the Global Childrens Network, joined Pastor Rob (a director of the GCN) to tell us about the Malachi Kids program, a worldwide ministry born at Cloverdale Baptist Church where pastors are equipped to lead and train parents to become spiritual leaders. In turn, parents become spiritual trainers of their children in their homes.

Learn more:

How We Plan Our Worship Services (w/ Johnny Markin) July 29, 2022

Our Worship Director, Johnny Markin breaks down the biblical structure of worship services and what goes on behind the scenes when planning Christ-centred and God-exalting services at Cloverdale Baptist Church. Johnny holds a Doctor of Worship Studies degree and has led worship ministries in churches in the UK and Canada for more than 2 decades. Over the years, he has written and recorded several albums of original music.

Reflections on the Value and Dignity of Human Life July 15, 2022

A timely devotional from Pastor Rob Godard on why God and His children value human life from womb to tomb. "For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother's womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well." (Psalm 139:13-14)

Bill C-4: Its Dangers and Our Response (w/ Jonathan Griffiths) June 17, 2022

The Canadian government recently passed Bill C-4 in order to outlaw Conversion Therapy, a practice that has been defined in very broad terms. Last week, Pastor Rob was joined by Pastor Jonathan Griffiths, a fellow member of the TGC Canada council, to discuss how this bill affects the Canadian church and believers and how we are to respond in light of the biblical truths.

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Leadership: 5 Steps to Accomplish a Mission (w/ Lee Wiebe) June 03, 2022

Our guest Lee Wiebe walks us through 5 steps to accomplish a mission, whether you are a leader or simply want to make a change in your life. Lee has several years of leadership experience in the industry as the former Vice President of an international company as well as in our church, where he currently serves as the chair of Elders.

Knowing Sin (w/ Mark Jones) May 20, 2022

Fellow pastor and author Mark Jones gives us a glimpse into his recent book, Knowing Sin, where he defines what sin is and why we should deal with each sin specifically.

This episode will be accompanied with a giveaway to win a signed copy of Mark Jones Knowing Christ or Knowing Sin. To participate, visit

Impacting Children for a Lifetime with Jesus (w/ Robyn Dueck) May 06, 2022

Children matter to Cloverdale Baptist Church because they matter to Jesus. Robyn Dueck has decades of experience in serving children, developing programs that have impacted thousands of lives throughout the years. In this episode, Robyn shares her passion and priorities for Children's Ministry and the parents' role to disciple their children at home.

How to Be a Healthy Church (w/ Steve Bray) April 22, 2022

Mile One Mission director and friend from Newfoundland, Steve Bray, joined Pastor Rob Godard to discuss some of the challenges they faced in the last couple years and shared their desire for the church to flourish in a post-pandemic world.