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Worshipping Together

To God's Beloved At Cloverdale Baptist Church:

I am thankful that God is on the throne and we can trust in Him. It seems like the uncertainty continues as we seek to know what God wants for us and wants from us. As we long for the day He returns, and the day we can return to worshipping together, stay strong, patient and joyful. The Corona Grumps are deepening, so be a part of the solution and bless someone in your world today! Choose to encourage someone who is in your sphere of influence and do so in a way that builds them in their faith. I love the PAY IT FORWARD concept, so as begin the chain, continue the chain, and seek to live in community even as we struggle with also being in isolation. Find a way to spread God's love around, and you will be a part of building our community even as we struggle with not being able to gather as a family.

Thank you for continuing to make it a priority to give to God's family at CBC. We continue to be blessed by a giving church, and I praise God at the reports of your loyalty and love as seen through your offerings! THANK YOU, and may God continue to bless us through you, as we struggle forward in this new world, longing for some of the old. Please continue to make this a prayerful priority, as we continue to grow in our giving pattern. I am SO THANKFUL!

Communion: We are celebrating communion together this Sunday, please be prepared by getting some grape juice and bread and prepare your hearts for this corporate gift from Jesus to the church and her people. It is good to partake together, and in community remain strong in our faith and loyal in your love for one another. I am convinced that one of the greatest ways that we display our unity is in our partaking together of the Lord's Supper. Come prepared to worship and celebrate and grow!

Baptism: We are having a baptismal service on June 21, if you would like to take part, please let us know. We are excited that we can do this together as a gathered (online) church family, and if you have not been baptized as a believer, encourage you to let us know.

Camp In A Box: Encourage you to register for our CAMP IN A BOX kids camp this summer. Registration is online, and ready to grow.

Bible Study: As we continue our series in finding certainty in an uncertain world, we are focusing on the character of God for the next two weeks. He is Sovereign and He is always with us. The Bible says that, "those who know your name will trust in you", which means the better we see who God is as He has revealed Himself in His Word, the more we will be able to rest in Him.  

Sermon: Pastor Ray will be preaching on Jude 23-24. This is one of the rich blessings of God on His people that we find in the text, so encourage you to read it as you prepare your hearts for God's care. Please take the time on Wednesday night to study God's Word, and then to share what you are learning. If you are up to it (feel safe) have some people over and watch together, and then discuss what you are learning. We are allowed small group gatherings now, and think that our mid-week studies are a great time to gather!

I will be gone for a week of rest and relaxation, so if you need anything please contact the office and/or one of our other pastors.  

Our Bulletin is to have in it the names of people who are in the process of being approved for membership. We will run these names on my email for two weeks, and then they will be welcomed into membership by our elders.

They are:

  • Janet Hung
  • John Bigueta
  • Dale Laarz
  • Jerod Graham
  • Lisa Graham

Amazing we can continue to grow, even as we have to do it in new and different ways.

We are doing our best to make your online experience seamless and we thank you for your patience as we learn and grow in this! Please pray for our tech team, and all who are finding their ministries under new focus and importance. Also, if you do struggle with the livestream on a particular Sunday morning, the entire service (and just the sermon) are almost always available on our website and facebook by around 4:00 Sunday afternoon. WE ARE TRYING, and appreciate your patience, prayers and support as we pursue excellence and God's glory together in this new ministry situation.  

Privileged to serve God's people and to be praying for you,  

Pastor Rob