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Resurrection Sunday is Coming

To God's Beloved At Cloverdale Baptist Church:

It is good to trust God ALWAYS and to live wisely, which means in the fear of the LORD, and being gracious with others.

I have been involved in much discussion among church leaders across Canada and have rejoiced to find that some still cling to the pursuit of biblical wisdom and self-sacrificial love.  How we act as Christians matters so much, how we disagree with love, share the truth with compassion, and lead as servants is key to maximum missional impact during times like this.  When the world is at her worst, the church must be at Christ's best, and this kind of fruit of the Spirit living is possible in CHRIST!  Thank you for seeking to be this kind of family.

So my encouragement to you this week in the midst of the discouraging and encouraging…. that  these very trying times are bringing is threefold….the first is to Walk By Faith (2 Corinthians 5:7).  What this means is to train yourself to rest in God and His Sovereignty always, and to know that what His Word teaches is more true than what you feel.  Memorize Romans 8:32, and believe it and cling to it.  Then live your life based not on what is seen, but on what is unseen (2 Corinthians 4:16-18).


The second is to Keep Your Focus (Hebrews 12:1-3).  There is so much going on that threatens to distract you from what matters the most.  We tend to battle sin well, but to get sucked in by the secondary.  This has often been the case in church history, but now it seems the focus of our attention is not on Jesus and His Gospel mission, or our salvation and His grace.  My suggestion is take 10 looks at Jesus and the Gospel for any 1 look elsewhere, and you will discover if you do this that it changes how you view life.  WALK BY FAITH, KEEP YOUR FOCUS.  If you read your Bible as much as you read other books, or spend time on the internet the Spirit will drive you here!


The third Encourage A Friend (Proverbs 27:17; 1 Corinthians 15:55; Psalm 1).  We not only need the right friends, they need us, and what we focus on with them matters!  I have heard that if you show someone your friends, they can predict your future…and I believe it, as those closest to us have a tremendous impact on our lives.  I have seen this negatively, and even this week seen it  produce tremendous blessing!  So choose your friends wisely, but even more importantly be a friend that points people to Jesus, and to live in holiness and love.  Group think is real, and can either destroy holiness and unity, or cause delight in God and His people.  Be the kind of friend that builds, and find those around you who will help you stay on God’s side, especially when life is difficult!


Picked up an old book that many have found impactful (sadly I have just found it average in my other reads of it), and for whatever reason found it to be a home run.  If you have an old copy of Pursuit of Holiness around, read it, it is a quick read, but well worth it in its challenge to live holy lives.  I have always treasured Jerry Bridges ministry to me personally, and through his books, and encourage you to take the time to read (after your bible read) something from him this week. 


I had waited until today to send this email, and yesterday's PHO update caused me to be quite concerned that we would not gather on Good Friday, or Resurrection Sunday physically.  As of 3:30 today, that changed...we are allowed to gather.  SO...please register (starting tomorrow) for those services if you would like to join us live (in our zones, 50 maximum per zone).  There are some new rules we will have to abide by, like wearing masks, and not singing...and we will ask all who register to agree to these rules.  We also would ask anyone who feels sick to stay home. 

THIS IS SO EXCITING!  We are able to gather again, and I truly believe this to be an ANSWER TO PRAYER!

Do, stay if there are intense outbreaks in any area, the PHO has reserved the right to not allow certain areas to have gatherings.



Resurrection Sunday:  Come join us for our drive through breakfast featuring yummy gooey cinnamon buns, and a time of distanced quick fellowship.  We would love to see you sometime between 9:15-10:00 am.  You will have an opportunity to share prayer items, or other ways we can minister to you during these difficult times.  Please enter through NORTH GATE (that is the one closest to the building), and we will guide you and feed you from there.  There will be coffee and juice as well, so come ready to feast with your family, and gain a little of the fellowship we so long for face to face.


Please use this season to focus on Jesus and what He has done for you, and to share it loudly and widely.
The more we fix our eyes on Him, the more we will find fellowship and unity in our church family.


Sunday is Coming:

Series:  The Resurrected King
Sermon:  Know The King 

Text:  Matthew 21:1-1; Romans 5:1-11

  • Why do you think that Jesus orchestrated Palm Sunday? 
  • What is the message He wants us still to know?
  • How is Jesus Kingship important to you today? 

Longing for the KING’S Return, as I rejoice in His Resurrection,


Pastor Rob


Other Helpful Information

please check out our online bulletin that is updated every week:   Keep Informed


Please help our search committee as they look for the man of God that will help us exalt His name in song and deepen our love for Him as we celebrate His greatness together.  We long for God's man for the ministry, and would like this to be sooner than later (our timing), so please pray, and help us to pursue this patiently and in God's POWER!  If you know of anyone...please share with them this amazing opportunity and have them apply!

Every Sunday we have CONNECTION CAFÉ:  Join us before the service in a time of sharing what God is doing.  We need to try significantly harder to stay connected during times like these, so please make this effort to connect!

Sunday School Is On!  Pastor Ray and Pastor Thomas are teaching on Radical, How does this work? You go to the link below to watch the teaching time (about 15 mins), then join the Zoom conversation on Sunday morning from 9:30am - 10:00am. Please email Pastor Thomas to get the zoom link:

Teaching Video Link:  (you can review the excellent material here, as well as watch the newest release so that you can join us in this)

Kids ministry is seeking to serve you, and help in discipling our children and families even though we are not gathering physically.  Please take advantage of this, and continue to make church a priority that your children can see and taste!

Thanks all for staying informed, and for being a family who has a positive impact for God's glory and the good of His church in the world He has sovereignly placed us.