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Thankful For This Church Family

To God’s Beloved At Cloverdale Baptist Church:

Thank you!


Thank you for being such an encouraging and caring family at a time where the need is so wide and great!  Thank you for all of the ways you are staying connected and loving others in our family.  Thank you that at a time where it feels like the world is at its worst, so many of you are displaying the love of Jesus in life and action!

Thank you for all who responded to Sunday’s service with a passion to seek God and His glory and battle distractions and so many other things that threaten our unity and love.  Thank you for pushing others in our family in this direction.  If we put into action this passion of knowing God and seeking to bring Him glory than our lives will have a huge impact in this world, especially at such a time as this. 

Thank you for giving to the LORD.  Our giving is down from last year, but given what I hear around me, there are still so many of you making the local church the priority in our giving that God commands.  We are so blessed to be a part of a family like this! 

Thank you for joining us online on Sunday, when we all would prefer to be together in the worship centre.  Thank you for the phone calls and emails that you are sending to others and sharing what you are learning.  

As each part does its work we will be who God wants us to be!  It is a joy to serve this family, and although these are potentially incredibly discouraging times, so many of you are fighting that in a community effort, and that is what the church is for!

Thank you, I praise God for you, and His grace at work in you, and the privilege I have of serving you!

These are not easy times, and the spiritual battle is intense, so memorize 1 Corinthians 15:58…Live Galatians 4:19…and together we will thrive through this unified, joy filled and living on mission for God!

It is not easy, it is massively inconvenient and painful, and together, unified in the Gospel we can thrive.  Thanks for joining this family at CBC in this effort!

Was a joy to have so many of you miss the weekly email. 


I think the priority for the coming months has to be PRAYER!


We believe that apart from Him we can do nothing, so stay alert to calls for prayer in our church family, and continue to join us personally and corporately in prayer.  If you are praying, and joining us in church prayer events it will not only increase our unity and impact, it will increase your joy and devotion to Jesus bride at CBC.  PRAYER MUST BE A PRIORITY FOR THE FAMILY OF GOD and it is the avenue He has chosen to conform us to Him, and to impact others!

We are planning some Question and Answer sessions this starting in June, we hope that they can be live, but if not we will film them, and offer them to our family that way.  If you have a question you would like to have answered, please let us know, and we will have the joy of continuing to learn together.


Sunday is a Communion Sunday:

Please prepare your hearts for this.  This is the most unifying reality that we can have as the people of Jesus, and a joy to remember, repent, rejoice and renew our first love devotion to God.


If you know God through Jesus and are willing to confess any known sin, please join our family in this celebration and pursuit of relational intimacy with God.  Have your grape juice and unleavened bread ready, and let us together WORSHIP THE RISEN LORD as we long for His return!


We have congregational meeting on May 25.  Please note this on your calendar and join us in seeking God's will together as a family.  Your prayers and part of this is what makes the congregational system of church governance work.


Be A Faithful Ambassador & Share His Gospel

Please pray we could gather again soon in our building, not just in the other ways we are seeking to do this.

30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World – April 13-May 12 2021

Other Helpful Information

please check out our online bulletin that is updated every week:   Keep Informed


Please help our search committee as they look for the man of God that will help us exalt His name in song and deepen our love for Him as we celebrate His greatness together.  We long for God's man for the ministry, and would like this to be sooner than later (our timing), so please pray, and help us to pursue this patiently and in God's POWER!  If you know of anyone...please share with them this amazing opportunity and have them apply!


Kids ministry is seeking to serve you, and help in discipling our children and families even though we are not gathering physically.  Please take advantage of this, and continue to make church a priority that your children can see and taste!

Make sure you are taking advantage of opportunities to gather like Connection Cafe, Sunday School, Growth Groups, and don't stop meeting where we can.  I love the idea of going to a park with 10 others, listening to God's Word preached and sung, and glorifying Him publicly.  Try not to bother to many people, but to show them the beauty of Jesus love in a gracious, truth filled way...and do what you can while you can!

Thanks all for staying informed, and for being a family who has a positive impact for God's glory and the good of His church in the world He has sovereignly placed us.

Let us seek to know Him and glorify His name!

To shine through this time of suffering, unified, focused, and victorious in CHRIST!

Thank you for your love, your encouragement, and your partnership in the Gospel

Tired, yet filled with joy and hope because of Him, and you...

Pastor Rob 

1 Corinthians 15:58