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Re-Igniting for a Great Year of Ministry

To God’s Beloved At Cloverdale Baptist Church:
Prayer is key to bringing God glory His way.  Corporate prayer is the energy of the church that helps accomplish our longing to praise God, and gives to the power to live on mission to please God.

SO…PRAYER continues to be a priority for us at CBC.  Personal and corporate prayer.  Our last summer Prayer Meeting is on Tonight night, 7-8.  There was some confusion as to whether this would be on or not (we blame the senior pastor for this), and it is ON!  Tuesday, 7-8 as we will pray for workers in the harvest.  Please join us in this time of prayer!

We are planning MONTHLY prayer services on Sunday nights, and would love for you to join us at these as well.  We truly believe that our ministry IMPACT for the coming year has amazing potential, and the foundation of that is prayer.  STAY TUNED!

PARTNERS IN PRAYER:  Every once in a while I need special prayer and there are a number of you that are signed up as a part of my PARTNERS IN PRAYER group.  This is a commitment to pray for me weekly, and to pray when updates are sent to you specific to needs I am particularly feeling.  If you would like to join this group, I would love to have you, just respond to this email, and ask to join this amazing group of people.

Richard Adams was promoted to glory, and his memorial service will be on Friday, September 3, at 11:00.  This is a very special man, and we rejoice that his life was well lived, and his death in Christ!  He is in GLORY!  Please pray for the family!

As we re-ignite for the coming year, and seek together to accomplish God’s mission, we need your help!

  • Join us at the kick off Sunday for sticky buns, fellowship, and ministry opportunities…September 12, 9-10:30
  • Sign up for the GOLF TOURNAMENT…September 11.
  • We need servants in a number of areas, if you are willing, please let us know…
  • Chase People. Every person matters to God, and the only way we will flourish and leave no one behind is if each of you chases people you are missing and shares God’s love with them.
  • Pray for your elders and deacons.

It was an exhausting year!

  • We have some changes coming.
    • Bob Austin has retired (although he is now an Elder emeritus.)
    • Ken Bayne is taking a year off (we pray only one, and he is now an Elder emeritus.)
    • Heinz Nienkaemper: After much prayer and with heavy heart, he will be seeking to find a more equitable balance between Church and increasing personal family commitments.  In making this difficult decision he assures all that he will continue to serve faithfully, joyfully and humbly in other key ministries at CBC.


We are so thankful for these servants and their commitment to Jesus and His bride at CBC!  If you know, please say THANK YOU!

  • Lee W. is joining the team again, and we praise God for that!

We need wisdom and unity as we humbly lead God’s people to have maximum Gospel Impact, and your help in this is essential!

Sunday Is Coming:

Please prepare your hearts for COMMUNION.  This is central to our first love devotion to Jesus, and we want this experience of intimacy to be rich, so ask you would start preparing even now.

Also helpful to prayerfully prepare to hear God’s Word…

Title:  In Pursuit Of Greatness

Text:  Matthew 11:11

  • Why is it okay to want to be great?
  • What are some ways that the Bible defines greatness?
  • Why do you think John the Baptist was the greatest?
  • How are we who are least in the Kingdom of Heaven greater?

This Sunday we will look at three specific ways God invites us to pursue greatness:

  • SHOWING Jesus
  • SERVING His Bride


How can you pursue greatness this year?

It is easy to be distracted from God’s view by the world, flesh and the devil, so this year, make it your priority to pursue greatness God’s way!

Privileged to serve you and to be a part of this family,

Pastor Rob

Thank you to all of you who sent me emails last week in response to this update!  It was overwhelming and encouraging, and I praise God for you, and your loyalty to God and His bride!  THANK YOU!

Stay informed!


We continue to prayerfully respond to all that is going on in life with prayerful dependence and self-sacrificial love.

As of now there are no restrictions on our worship gatherings, and in that we rejoice, and see this as an answer to prayer.  Please continue to love those who might feel differently than you about what is going on, and help our church continue to be a family that chooses God's side in the midst of all of life!