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Be Thankful!

To God’s Beloved At Cloverdale Baptist Church:

Pastor Ray reminded us this morning in our devotional as a staff that we are commanded to be THANKFUL!  And really, when we see who God is, who we are, and what He has done for us, it should be an easy command to obey…and yet…so often we find ourselves more like the Israelites after their redemption than the people of God we should be.

How can we be obedient to the command of God to be THANKFUL?

The key for our hearts is to live in the context of the Gospel.  To truly be aware of what we deserve and what Jesus has given us.  If we grasp the greatness of grace, it will be impossible not to be thankful in all circumstances.  So every struggle of obedience in thanksgiving is related to our understanding and experience of the Gospel.  This is one of the many reasons that preaching the Gospel to ourselves every day is so important!

We can trust God as a very present help in trouble, as well as the One who is over the trouble and loves us! 

The final leg of the thankfulness stool is knowing that God is good, and that good is being worked out in all circumstances (Romans 8:28-29; 32) no matter how confusing that is to us in our current situation.  I can’t explain most of the suffering I see, or you experience, but I can show you that God is GOOD!  In fact, the cross guarantees His goodness and love in the midst of anything that is going on (just keep reading Romans 8).

Oh the goodness of our God, and the greatness of salvation.  Let it shape your thoughts, and not be an afterthought….let it drive you to thanksgiving, so that obeying this command will be automatic, and not an effort!


Being one of your under shepherds is something I am very THANKFUL for!  It is a joy to serve where God’s Word is treasured, and God’s people are trusting.  So many wonderful things are happening, and I praise God for the start to the year we have had!  Keep praying and serving, and we will have our best year ever for God’s glory!

Sunday Is Coming:

Text:  Luke 17:11-17 

  • Why do you think that we as humans find it so hard to be thankful?
  • How does Luke 17 teach us to be thankful in our lives?
  • How can you keep the Gospel (Jesus saving you) central in your life so that you are always thankful?
  • Why is it essential that we realize the seriousness of sin if we are to be truly thankful people?

Try to share your thankfulness about Jesus and His love for you with at least three people a day this season (and beyond).

Thankful for so great a salvation, and the opportunity to partner with you in the Gospel,

Please Stay Informed!


Heaven Rules Women’s Conference

October 14th & 15th / CBCLadies! Don’t forget to register for our Heaven Rules Women’s Conference. Registration closes on Oct. 7th, so be sure not to miss out as we hear from amazing speakers that will anchor our hearts to the unshakeable truth that Jesus is King. Take Courage. Take Comfort. Our God is in control. Registration and conference details.

Baptism Sunday

Sunday, Oct. 16th / During ServiceIf you would like to be baptized, please talk to one of our pastors or contact the church office.

Church Fellowship Lunch

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NewComers’ Luncheon

Oct. 23rd / After Service / Fellowship HallJoin us for lunch after the service if you are new to Cloverdale Baptist Church in the last 12 months! We’ll share with you who we are, what we stand for, and make you aware of the ministries at the church. Pastor Rob will host a Q&A for any questions. All ages are welcome and no registration is required.

Discipleship Classes

Sundays / 9:00 AM / for all agesWe believe in the importance of sound biblical education for all. That’s why every Sunday at 9:00am, we have an hour of teaching and discipling for all children, youth, and adults, where we can all grow in our understanding of the scriptures and the Christian life. Learn about our classes.

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