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Pray for Israel

To God’s Beloved At Cloverdale Baptist Church: 

What do we do when terrorism dominates the news?

For those of us who believe God still has a special place in His heart for Israel and the people of Israel this intensifies the question, as terror has hit the promised land and a people group that God has a special plan for.

Responding to terror is not easy, especially in the confusion and brokenness of our world…so let me give three proper responses to terrorism (evil) as it breaks our hearts and angers our minds.

  1. Prayer:

We should go to God first and most when it comes to any and all situations, and particularly ones like this.

Our hearts should PRAY…and stay in the presence of God in prayer. 

This prayer should be persistent and trusting.  God is Sovereign over the situation in Israel, and He uses the prayers of His people to accomplish His will.

Pray for Christians in this area of the world.  Pray for peace for Israel.  Pray for justice for terrorists.  Pray that we as those who represent Jesus would display the Gospel in the confusion!

Pray for the many innocent people on all sides who will suffer because of this terror and the response of those being terrorized.

Pray Pray Pray!

  1. Peace Through Gospel Conversations:

When evil is so profoundly on display, it is an opportunity for us to express what the Bible says about sin and evil, and the only hope for humanity…and individuals…the Gospel Of Jesus. 

Pray for opportunities to share with people around you that struggle with what is being shared on the news, the good news of Jesus…and point people to the only place where hope can be found in times like these… 

We represent Jesus, we are His ambassadors, and in 9/11 times, it is an opportunity for us to help people find hope where it will last regardless of the chaos going on around us.

 The worldview of the Bible is one that explains this situation best, and offers the most/only hope!  Take the time to prayerfully and gently share the reason for the hope you have as opportunities arise.

  1. Gentle Care:

People all over the world are hurting and Christians should always be on the front line of love.  Care for your neighbours who might be hurting and look for ways to care for a lost and hurting world.

This is an opportunity for us as followers of Jesus to point people to Him with our lives and our lips.  Let us be on the front lines of His Kingdom with truth and grace, and gently love those around us who are confused and hurting!

The world has been thrown into another experience of the consequences of sin, and the only hope we have is Jesus…and we are His AMBASSADORS in this world, but not of this world!

Our series for our Sunday services has been ENGAGE, and Sunday we covered the danger of not being ENGAGED in thanksgiving…Romans 1 is so clear on this in terms of God's response to those who don't honour Him as God, or give thanks to His name.  Let us fight this together by being radically God centred and extremely thankful!

Today, make sure to spend some time in thanking God for your salvation, and in thanking those around you for His grace and other things that He brings to mind.  Thanksgiving is contagious, and I would love if CBC caught this contagion and infected our hearts and minds with obedience to this command as an overflow of our love from Him and for Him.

Sunday Is Coming:

Title:  Engage With God’s People:  Prefer

Text:  Romans 12:1-13 

As you prepare your hearts by reading this text, here are some questions that can help you be ready for what God will give to you on Sunday…

What are you currently doing in terms of using your gifts to build the family of God?

  • Wes needs some ushers and greeters, and this is a great way to serve God, help us be a loving church, and ENGAGE in beautifying the bride. If you are not yet serving, this would be a great place to begin (
  • Why is it so hard to experience God’s love in a way that makes us self sacrificially loving of others (1 John 4:7-12)?
  • What are some practical ways you can actively seek to experience the love of God?
  • Why is it that Jesus seems to rank love as a primary attribute of His followers?
  • In what ways does this mark you?
  • How does Romans 12:10 help us to understand what this looks like in the church?
  • How can you prefer those around you in a Christlike manner?
  • What steps can you/we take to become people/a church who are ENGAGED the way Romans 12:1-13 calls us to be?

Privileged to be in competition with you to out prefer you,

Pastor Rob


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