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Engage One Last Time

To God’s Beloved At Cloverdale Baptist Church:

ENGAGE:  Had someone mention how much this series has meant to them as they reaffirmed their desire to know the God of the Bible and live in light of that relationship in all they do and say (someone else said they were looking forward to getting back into a book from the Bible...METOO).

They key to measuring the success of the preaching and teaching of God’s Word is how we are applying it in our lives.  So, before we get going in the amazing book of Colossians, are you engaged where God has placed you now?

Esther reminds us that God places us, “for such a time as this”, and it is our role in dependence on Him to ENGAGE…so, are you? 

Get Specific in your own life in three areas:

  1. God has placed you in this church family, who are you encouraging and how are you serving? Before you go on to question #2, realize how important this is to God by a simple reflection on the NT.  You matter to the beauty and maturity of His bride.  He has given our church gifts through you, and we lose out if you are not encouraging an serving.  Where are you serving Jesus body at CBC? 

If you want a softer landing, as we need to serve Jesus with a clean slate every day, where will you serve?  Who will you call right after you finish reading this so you can get involved in serving Jesus by serving the local church?

  1. God has placed you in your family, who does He want you to share the Gospel with this week?  This is difficult, and should be done with wisdom and the faith that God doesn’t make mistakes and you are His arrow of the Gospel. 

Take the time to share the Gospel to the mirror.  Share the Gospel to a Christian friend, and then in prayer, make an effort to make yourself available to God to share with a family member.  You are His voice, and as a part of His plan, walk in those good works He prepared in advance for you to do.

  1. God has placed you in your school, or work, or neighbourhood to represent Him!  How are you doing this?  This will include how you live and what you say, and again an active looking for opportunities to share the hope you have found IN CHRIST in the midst of the chaotic world we live in. 

Will you help make the ENGAGE series impactful, but overflowing and being impacted by God’s Word through God’s Spirit, and actually taking steps to be His hands and feet in this lost and hurting world.  He has chosen you, if you are His, to influence those around you to glorify Him!

Will you?  Be specific, make a plan that you are willing to be spontaneous with, and GET ENGAGED!

Remember To Pray For Israel & all those impacted by this terror in the Middle East! 

Remember Our AGM, please pray that we would make great decisions, and that we would glorify God as a family. 

Remember to keep up to date on what is going on in our family and choose to participate for God and His glory!



Sunday Is Coming:

Colossians 1:1-14...we will be here for a few weeks!

Title:  How To Change Your Mind:

It would be great if we would take the time to read the book of Colossians once a week during this series.  It is a short and powerful book about the SUPREMACY OF JESUS in all things, and will change your life if you live in it during this time. 

  • What are some things that you think distract you from your relationship with Jesus?
  • How can you stay fixated on Him?
  • How does it help us to know who wrote the book of Colossians and at where they were when they wrote it?
  • How does it help us to know who received the book of Colossians?
  • Why do you think the greeting in verses 1-2 is important?
  • What are some ways you can take this journey through the book of Colossians in a way that will change your life?
  • How can you prepare for Sunday effectively throughout the week so that you maximize the impact on your life, and the influence from your life as an overflow of that during the week?

Can’t wait to study this great book with you, and to see and savor the majesty of Jesus and pursue an all defining relationship with the ONE WHO IS ALL, and IN ALL (3:11)…

His Servant, and yours…

Pastor Rob 

Keep up to date on what is happening in the church!



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