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I Love Baptism Services!

To God’s Beloved At Cloverdale Baptist Church:

I love baptisms…in fact I have yet to be a part of a baptism service that I didn’t leave praising God for the greatness of His grace, and the love He has for His people.  It is so exciting to hear His people praise His name and to be with them as they take this step of faith and obedience! 

Sunday was no different as I left rejoicing in the greatness of our salvation, and the joy of seeing God work through our church family in the lives of His precious children.  A baptism service is not only precious for the people being baptized, but for all of us who are loved by Jesus as we reflect on our own salvation and experience of the Gospel, and renew again our desire to live lives of faith (Galatians 2:20). 

I praise God for those who were baptized, and His work in their lives, and through their stories, ours.  Take the time this week to share your story with someone else, and renew your commitment to live a life for God and His glory. 

Jesus is LORD.

Have been reflecting on that reality as we are working through our Discipleship Hour content, and what it actually means.  It is easy to say, "Jesus is LORD", but there is a huge cost to living it out.

Surrender to Jesus will always show, not in the the areas our traditions or culture agree with Jesus, but where we are forced to choose between our flesh and His Word, or our traditions and His Word.  Often this is seen in self sacrificial love, or holiness choices where the culture or traditions we love clash with His Word.

 He is always right, and always LORD, so if we can learn to submit to Him even when, or I suppose especially when it is difficult, the outcomes in the short and long term are BETTER BY FAR!

Where have you rejoiced to submit to God and His Word, when it was uncomfortable to your own flesh or traditions?  Or, where have you chosen to submit (knowing you should have joy, but missing it) when it has been a struggle?

The Reformer, Martin Luther felt strongly that submission to God is not seen where we agree with Him, but where we struggle with our own opinions or feelings in conflict with His Word, and I think that is true.  So your reflection should cause you joy as you see your heart of devotion and submission to God that is more than just words.

Jesus is LORD…and the only thing that makes sense if that is true is to build the house of our lives on hearing His Word and submitting fully to it.

It is good to be in a church family that encourages me to teach this, and loves to seek to be WORD saturated so that together we can simplify our lives down to choices of obedience and surrender, rather than the noise of the world around us!

Jesus is LORD.

At Cloverdale Baptist we will choose to obey Him even when the internet, or news, or flesh, or tradition seek to deflect or distract.  He is OUR LORD!

A fellow follower leading you to follow,

Pastor Rob



Family Movie Night

Friday, Feb. 23rd / 6:30 PM / Gym Our Children's Ministry is having a Family Movie Night for parents and kids coming up on February 23rd at 6:30pm! Popcorn will be provided free of charge and no registration is required.

Newcomers Lunch

Feb. 25th / After Service / Fellow. Hall New to Cloverdale Baptist in the last 6 months? Join us for lunch on Sunday, Feb. 25th where we’ll share with you who we are, what we stand for, and make you aware of our ministries. Pastor Rob will host a Q&A. No registration required!

Men’s Breakfast

Sat. Mar. 2nd / 8:30 AM / Fellow. Hall Men of all ages, come and enjoy a wonderful breakfast, fellowship, and spiritual food together!

Church Family Lunch

Sun. Mar. 3rd / After the Service Join us at our church-wide family lunch to fellowship, connect, and enjoy a delicious meal together! For allergy-friendly options, check with our Deacon of Fellowship at the Ministry Centre.

Prayer Service

Sun. Mar. 3rd / 7:00 pm / Fellow. Hall Join us the first Sunday of every month to sing, pray, and hear from God’s Word together as we seek to be a praying church!

Seniors Lunch

Wed. Mar. 6th / 11:30 am / Fellow. Hall Enjoy lunch with friends with special music by Norm & Ruth Friesen. Norm “the Singing Barber” is a song writer and recording artist. Tickets available at the Ministry Centre.

Women's Breakfast

Sat. Mar. 9th / 9:00 am / Fellow. Hall Come hear an encouraging message for moms about the steadfast love of the Lord and His mercy that is new every morning - all while enjoying a delicious breakfast! Childminding will be offered for a drop in rate of $2.00 per child. If you need childcare,  please RSVP by February 24th.

One Day Fun Day

Thursday, Mar. 21st / 9am – 3pm / CBC All the fun and activities of Day Camp, but in one fun-filled day! Worship, a Bible lesson, craft time, and then heading to Crash Crawly's for an afternoon activity. For kids between grades 1-6. Registration opens on February 27th, but volunteer registration is already open!

Women's Retreat Save the Date

November 1st–3rd / Cedar Springs The Women's Ministry is planning a retreat this November at Cedar Springs Christian Retreat Center in Sumas, Washington. Stay tuned for more details like registration, schedule, and more!




Growth Group Notes:

Colossians 1:24-27

Thank you for joining us in seeking to help God’s people connect with Him, and to connect with His family at Cloverdale Baptist Church.  Growth Groups are the heart of our strategy to connect with God and one another in unity for His glory…so THANK YOU for your part in pursuing this with us.  Please continue to keep these relationships strong and intentionally pursue the Christian life in these communities, especially with our New Year’s goal of increased community.

Text:  Colossians 1:24-27

Title:   Seeing Jesus = Serving His Body

Why do you think some struggle when it comes to serving Jesus by serving the local church?

Where are you serving right now, and helping her be all that God wants her to be?

Read Ephesians 4:11-16…why is each part using their gifts so important to the health of the church?

Read Colossians 1:24-27

Remember the context and review what Colossians 1 has declared about Jesus as the foundation for what he is now sharing…

  1. The Image Of The Invisible God
  2. The Firstborn Of All Creation
  3. The Creator Of All Things
  4. The One All Creation Was Made For
  5. Before All Things
  6. The One Who Holds All Things Together
  7. The Head Of The Church
  8. The Firstborn From The Dead
  9. The One Who Demands Pre-eminence Everything
  10. Indwelt By The Fullness Of God
  11. The Savior & Hope Giver

This view of Jesus allows Paul to rejoice in His sufferings for the church in Colossae’s sake:  V. 24

  • – Why do you think Paul said this?
  • – Could you say it, if you were suffering for the good of Cloverdale Baptist?
  • – How do you apply a verse like this that seems so foreign to how we see and live life in Canada now?


As you reflect on Paul’s mission statement in verses 25-29, what stands out?

How does the language of stewardship help us to understand and apply to our own lives what Paul is saying?

  • – As you look at your own life, what is your ministry according to the stewardship from God?

Verses 28-29 show us a man devoted to God struggling with all his might to serve the church, and doing so in dependence on God…

As you reflect on these verses, especially verse 29, what does this teach you about serving Jesus and His bride?

How can you display your dependence on Him?

How does your toil and struggle look like in your own life and service of Jesus bride?

How do the following verses help us to understand our dependence, and the discipline we are to have in serving Jesus and His bride?

  • John 15:5
  • Philippians 2:12-13
  • 2 Corinthians 12:10
  • Psalm 127:1

As you reflect on seeking to live this out in your life, remember that it flows out of a biblical view of Jesus…why do you think having a correct view of Jesus is so important?

Why do you think Paul spent so much time on the right view of Jesus before he shifts into what were the questions asked of him by Epaphras, and serving the church?

How does how you view Jesus shape how you view His bride?


  • Þ Begin this week praying for our Jesus church at CBC:

Pray that we would know Him as He has revealed Himself to us and this would change how we live as we seek to be driven and defined by our relationship with Him.

Pray for our search committee in their pursuit of a Discipleship/care pastor.

Encourage your group to come to our church corporate prayer night on March 3.

Other prayer requests: