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Hi From Newfoundland

To God’s Beloved At Cloverdale Baptist Church: 

Hello from Newfoundland.

It has been a joy to be a part of the ministry here at Mile One, and Calvary Baptist Church.  This partnership with Jesus church at CBC is such a joy, and to speak at the ENGAGE conference on the importance of following God’s Word in how we value men and women and rejoice in that equality and delight in our different roles was encouraging.  Had the chance to serve on some panels, and be an encouragement (I pray) to a number of pastors.

The more our world moves away from biblical foundations the more we will have to teach our children (and our own hearts and minds) where truth is found, and how to find our identity in Jesus and remember that He is good, and His Word perfect.  Remember to pray for pastors, being with many precious men who serve the church reminded me that it is hard in this world to honour Jesus with our LIVES and DOCTRINE!  Thankful for our team at CBC.

Sunday morning I preached at our sister church in St. Johns, and rejoiced in how we can find our identity in Christ, intensity in fixing our eyes on heaven, and the irresistibility of the return of Jesus and impact on our lives.  The people were so loving and appreciative of our partnership in planting.

In the afternoon we visited our church plant at Route 10 (Killbride Community) and spent time learning from Pastor Matt what is going on and how to further pray for and support them.  Their new space is in a strip mall, and it will be amazing for our missions trip to help them in reaching their community for Christ later this summer.  The mission field here is hard, and the men we partner with faithful.

Yesterday, we gathered an ordination council for Pastor Matt, where a few of us were a part of looking over his call to ministry, his creedal beliefs, and his character to affirm with the churches here that he is fit for ministry.  It was a time of prayer, pursuit of God’s will, and celebration of God’s call on his life.  I am thankful to call Matt a friend, and that we partner in the Gospel with him here.  Think it was a grueling few hours for Matt, but fun for the rest of us who were quizzing him, and he presented himself well.

It has been very cloudy here, rain every day and a fog that sometimes has made it hard to cross the road to get my starbucks coffee…which of course is essential to staying awake when you are 41/2 hours ahead…and it reminded me that it is only the SON that can chase away the fog on this beautiful island.  I love it here, these people, ministries and opportunities, and it has been another incredible opportunity for me to minister on your behalf here.

So, thank you for giving to the LORD, and seeing our mission in not only building the church at CBC, and reaching our neighbourhood, but also being a significant partner in the ministries here.  It is good to be a part of the family of God!

It will be good to get home, and rest and prepare for the coming week of meetings and ministry!

Thank you for your prayers, they were answered, and God used you to partner with me to leave an impact.  Please pray as I travel and recover, that God would continue to bless me and use me to draw people to Him!

Sunday Is Coming:

Title:  Be Who You Are:  Dress For Success

Text:  Colossians 3:1-17

We are IN CHRIST.  Remind yourself of what this means as you review verses 1-4.  It is the only place that we can truly find our identity if we want hope and peace, passion and health.


When we are in Christ we will kill sin, and take off our dirty clothes, and put on righteousness.

God wants us to be holy as He is holy!

As you read these verses, especially focus on 12-14, and evaluate your life with these things.

How can you put them on, so that people can see them in you! 

IN CHRIST, AND 4 CHRIST, from Newfoundland with love,

Pastor Rob


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