Ministries Children




Our desire is to provide an opportunity for children with special needs, preschool to grade 5, to hear the stories of Jesus, to sing songs of worship and to be introduced to Jesus in a way they can understand.  We are also dedicated to providing a way for these families to attend church together, knowing that their child is in a safe, loving environment.

 Our Imagine program is located in Room 120 (1st floor, Children’s wing)

Our program features:

  • Trained, background-checked and loving volunteers
  • 1:1 ratio of volunteer to child
  • Special sensory toys/equipment that are sanitized weekly
  • Secure room reserved for Imagine use ONLY
  • Secure Check-In system (See Check-In/Check-Out tab for details)

Before dropping your child off in our Imagine program, please fill out a profile form (see Downloads tab) and submit it to Robyn Dueck or the church office. This is so that we can ensure we have enough staff on each Sunday, so that we can find the right volunteer to pair with your child, and so that we can understand your child’s specific needs and care for them properly in every possible way.

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