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Patient and Yet Longing

To God's Beloved At Cloverdale Baptist Church:

It would seem that in the pandemic we take two steps forward and one step back.  We are still seeking to move forward, but it is not with the speed we would like.  Waiting for when we can gather again feels like waiting for the Lord's return...patient but filled with longing!

This week was filled with hard work by different committees seeking to find a safe way for us to gather with more people on Sunday mornings inline with the PHO (Provincial Health Office).  We are seeking to do this in a way that does four things:  1.  Helps us get together as soon as possible; 2. Is in line with our governments safety advice; 3.  Is loving to our community around us; 4.  Keeps our vulnerable safe.  It is not easy to keep all of these in mind, and to hold the unity of God's people with so many different strong opinions.  So please pray for those making decisions, and as we move forward together for His glory, we will see Him work with power.  Please PRAY!  And as we see our God answer prayers we can move forward together.  Please also pray for the many people who are seeking to serve God, by serving His bride at CBC, that they have creativity and joy in this pursuit.  We have sent letters to our MLA and the PHO seeking clarification and to move forward in a way that accomplishes those four things.

Baptism:  We are so thankful that people are being baptized during this time, and have another service planned for August 23.  We would love to have even more people obey Jesus in this way, so if you are considering this, please contact one of our pastors.

Family Dedication:  We are having a family dedication on August 16, and again would love to celebrate with you the birth of any children, and commit with you to God's care and glory your family.  If you are interested in doing this with us, please contact Pastor Thomas.

Camp In A Box:  This week we are having our summer kids ministry, and excited to hear how God uses this for His glory.  Please pray for all of the children who are engaged with God and His Word with their families this week.  We long for a great IMPACT for God's Glory.

Memorial Service:  During the pandemic, life goes on, and that is sometimes very difficult, and hard to share with one another as a church family.  As you know Gwen Thomas, one of God's loyal saints went to glory a few weeks ago.  The family did a service, and would love to share it with her church family.  The service, and many other precious memorial stuff can be found at:    Http://

J.I. Packer died last week as you probably have heard.  He was a man who sought to humbly follow God and has left the church with some excellent resources to grow in their knowledge of God.  Perhaps his best book is a must read, Knowing God, and many others were a help to me in my desire to honour Jesus.  He was not perfect, nor claimed to be, but he did walk with God and helped others to do the same, and for that I am thankful.

Zoom Meeting:  We have now officially met together on zoom as a congregation.  Huge thank you to all who made it possible, and we encourage you to gather with us tonight for the meeting's closing.  God is good and at work in His people and through His people, and I thank you for your part in this!  Thank you for the unity you are displaying, and commitment to Jesus local bride, even when we can't gather as we desire.  Your prayers and commitment to unity and love are a huge encouragement to my heart!

Prayer Meeting:  Reminder that we have an elder led prayer meeting throughout the summer on Wednesday nights from 7-8, please join us in prayer, either at the church, or in your homes!

Please continue to WORK HARD at connecting with one another!  We need all of you doing this to help us to succeed as a church family in this.  Make a phone call, share what you are learning and pray with someone in God's family.  If each of us does this, we will continue to succeed at what is so difficult, and stay encouraged, on God's side, and filled with love for one another.

Sunday Is Coming:

Series on Psalms continues:
Psalm 15
You Know It's A Bad Day When:  You Don't Measure Up

Psalm 15 is a precious invitation to intimacy with God, the problem is that we don't, and can't measure up.

Take the time to read through this Psalm, and prayerfully consider your own walk with God and what makes you one who can approach Him.

  • How can you trust in Jesus completely?  Why do you need to?
  • How can you pursue these things that this Psalm tells us please Him?
  • How does this Psalm help you have confidence in Jesus?

Share with someone else what you have learned BEFORE SUNDAY, and then call and share with someone else what you learned AFTER SUNDAY.  Let us continue to grow together in community!

Joyful for the opportunity to serve you,  

Pastor Rob