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Trusting God, Resting & Rejoicing

To God’s Beloved At Cloverdale Baptist Church:

What a joy to see so many of you on Sunday.  We gave away around 200 Cinnamon Buns, and the music ministry was thankful for the leftovers, as they missed the drive through.  The winner of the amazing bag of treasures ….. will be drawn this coming Sunday, so stay awake for the announcements!  I hope that we never have to do this again, but if we do, we have an excellent first event!

Thank you to Pastor Ray and his team of workers for the set up, and Shirley and her team in the kitchen, I so love that we are making efforts like this in the midst of a pandemic to stay connected.

It was so good to at least see one another again.  Please remember how important it is for you to STAY CONNECTED, and MAKE THE EFFORT.  We will have people fall through the cracks unless each of us is making the effort to phone, email, or in other ways love in tangible ways the people we know in our congregation.  If we wait to be loved, or for someone else to do it, we will lose connection, and we want to be known for our LOVE (Ephesians 5:1-2; John 13:34-35).  Please make the effort, and rejoice in being a part of this GREAT family.

For Parents of children who are now in grade one 

Every year we love to recognize our kindergarten grads as they move into the grade school department.  We will be having this  special 'grad' ceremony on Sunday September 27 when each child will receive their Bible in the morning service. Please contact us by Friday, September 18 to let us know you will be attending.  For additional info, contact our kids ministry department. (

Sunday School Is Starting This Weekend:  We are calling in ZOOMING IN, and Pastor Thomas and Pastor Ray are teaching on how to grow in your faith.  We would love for you to join us, by listening to the study, and then engaging in the discussion on Sunday mornings.  To participate, go to the church website and click on the appropriate page.  So important for us to continue to grow in our faith during this time!

Prayer is essential for our success, as apart from Him we can do nothing!  We would like to ask for a CHURCH WIDE fasting and prayer day for FRIDAY, October 2.  We will ask that you spend time in prayer, and that you refrain from eating for breakfast and lunch to focus on prayer, and seeking God’s blessing for the coming year for our church family and community.  We will update this time of seeking God together more as the date draws near, but ask that you mark it on your calendar.  If it is unsafe for you to fast from food, we would welcome other creative ways to join us in seeking God’s face!

We would love for you to sign up FOR SUNDAY MORNING, and remember that the Sanctuary is set up for online ministry, so the sound will not be what you are used to, so if that might be an issue for you, please go to the Gym or Fellowship Hall (we have noticed that in the mix the drums will sound loud live).

We are thankful that the on sight ministry is going so well!  Thank you for your patience in getting into the church, and for waiting if you have attended the previous week.  We are at maximum capacity and mostly filled up by the time Friday rolls around, so it is exciting to see so many coming to church on Sunday and engaging!

We would love to see you!


Remember if you come one week, please wait until Friday of the next week before you sign up again.

VERSE OF THE MONTH:  Isaiah 41:10 “Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you.  I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

Conference:  November 7, 2020…set aside the date.  Online and at the church we will be joining other churches around Canada for a dedicated day where we spend time in prayer, and pursuing what it looks like at this time to be IN THE WORLD, BUT NOT OF THE WORLD.  Called Out, Sent In.  Because we will be joined by other time zones, we will be live, 9 – 12:30.  Watch for ways to sign up to join us in the building, and if you can’t get into one of our zones, or would prefer not to, you will be able to join us on line!  We have noticed as pastors that the church in Canada seems to have taken one of two extremes, we are like the world, or we are not impacting the world, or as sad, both.  We want to turn to God’s Word and rejoice in our salvation, sanctification and service, for His glory.

Sunday Is Coming:

Title:  Trusting God:  The Sovereign Comforter
Text:  Isaiah 40

We are planning on spending the next 4 weeks in Isaiah, and seeking to develop in our understanding of who God is so that we can obey our verse of the month.

Whenever we struggle with fear, or anxiety, even in the worst of times it is because we do not know who God is, and where God is. 

Isaiah 6 has displayed to us who God is, and now Isaiah 40 displays His Power, Knowledge and Care in such powerful pictures.

  • Read Isaiah 40:1-6 
  • What does it mean that He is A SOVEREIGN COMFORTER?
  • Do you agree, or disagree with the following quote, and why?  “Let me state here a basic principle and a spiritual law of life which is just as real as the law of gravity:  Either we experience the comfort of the God who has revealed Himself in the Bible and in the person and work of Jesus Christ, or to some degree we will live in despair.”
  • Why is it important to believe that God is active in all of life?
  • How does Isaiah’s view of God’s Word help us to shape our own?

I am thankful to be trusting God with you, and growing in my view of Him!

Serving you with joy,

Pastor Rob