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School Starts this Week

To God’s Beloved At Cloverdale Baptist Church:

Ministry is kicking off for the new ministry year…and we want you to be involved.  Please take the time to make sure that you stay connected and know what is going on.  Check our website, and the specific ministries you want to connect with as we begin a September in Covid country longing to be together and continue to grow in our intimacy with Jesus, and impact for Jesus. 

Please pray right now for the people going back to school, especially teachers, students, and parents.  Please pray for safety, peace and success!  Also wisdom for our parents to respond well to this situation in decisions they are making, and modelling to their children they are giving! 

There is much going on, here are three we want you to especially notice…

Kick Off Sunday:  We are having a Drive Thru Cinnamon Bun Kick Off.  All are welcome, and we are excited to see you, and to join together in this small/large way for God’s glory.  We would love to see you on September 13, 9-10 am.  Service will start at our usual time, 10:30, and those signed up for the services will have space to park and join us after the 10:00 drive through is over.  Please don’t park until after the other cars have exited. 

Growth Groups:  We believe that small groups are central to our staying connected as a church family, and EVEN MORE so now.  Please make sure you are connected to a small group this year, and if we can help you with this, please let the office know.

Sunday School:  Starts September 20, STAY ALERT and join us in growing in your faith in this practical and exciting way.  More details coming your way!

What a joy to see God’s people back in the service on Sunday’s.  We are full capacity each Sunday, and it still feels empty (50 ish people in the sanctuary feels a little lost).  I long for the day that we all can gather again, but until then this is a great next step!  I was very encouraged by the reports that have come from God’s people, and it looks like this gathering is great, even as we long for more.  We have opened up a Zone 4, for our Young Adults to relieve some pressure, so we are trying our best to maximize the building we are blessed with for the gathering of God’s people to the Praise Of His Glorious Grace!

We would love for you to sign up, and remember that the Sanctuary is set up for online ministry, so the sound will not be what you are used to, so if that might be an issue for you, please go to the Gym or Fellowship Hall (we have noticed that in the mix the drums will sound loud live).


Remember if you come one week, please wait until Friday of the next week before you sign up again.

VERSE OF THE MONTH:  Isaiah 41:10 “Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you.  I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”


Conference:  November 7, 2020…set aside the date.  Online and at the church we will be joining other churches around Canada for a dedicated day where we spend time in prayer, and pursuing what it looks like at this time to be IN THE WORLD, BUT NOT OF THE WORLD.  Called Out, Sent In.  Because we will be joined by other time zones, we will be live, 9 – 12:30.  Watch for ways to sign up to join us in the building, and if you can’t get into one of our zones, or would prefer not to, you will be able to join us on line!  We have noticed as pastors that the church in Canada seems to have taken one of two extremes, we are like the world, or we are not impacting the world, or as sad, both.  We want to turn to God’s Word and rejoice in our salvation, sanctification and service, for His glory. 

Sunday Is Coming:

Take the time to prepare your hearts and your homes for the service on Sunday.  We know it is not easy, and this is not as it should be, so please take the time to get right with God and ready for His Word and praises.

Please encourage someone today (and on Sunday).  If each of us takes our own role in this seriously we will succeed at NOT LEAVING ANYONE BEHIND!

Title:  Trusting God:  He Is Still On The Throne:

Text:  Isaiah 40; Isaiah 6:1-13

We are planning on spending the next 5 weeks in Isaiah, and seeking to develop in our understanding of who God is so that we can obey our verse of the month.

Whenever we struggle with fear, or anxiety, even in the worst of times (unless it is a medical issue), it is because we do not know who God is, and where God is.  One of my favourite passages to preach on is Isaiah 6, as it is one of the key places that God reveals Himself for who He is in the midst of a chaotic time. 

  • In your own words, what does it mean to trust God?
  • Why is it so important to know who God is?
  • Take the time over this month to try to read Isaiah 40 at least once a week, and to have this Biblical view of God brought into our hearts.
  • We are going to begin the journey in this series in one of the great texts of the OT, Isaiah 6, and the view of God that Isaiah was given in his day of crisis…how can we learn to see God this way?
  • How can you say to God this week, HEAR I AM SEND ME, no matter what the cost?


I am honoured to serve this GREAT people of God, thank you for your engagement in Service, your love for God's Word, and your longing to reach out...may we get increasingly greater in the power of the Spirit!

Pastor Rob