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Happy Thanksgiving

To God's Beloved At Cloverdale Baptist Church:


We are to be thankful always, and the Gospel gives us the foundation for that thanksgiving.

Take time this week to share with at least three other people how thankful you are for Jesus, and maybe add to that another five or six things that you are grateful for.  When thanksgiving overflows from our hearts through our mouths it tends to flood out a lot of other things in the air that are not nearly as God honouring.

Reminder that we do have a Sunday School class and if you want to participate watch the videos on our website, and join in the class discussion through emailing Pastor Thomas by 9:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings.

Please also take advantage of our Kids Min videos, and continue to grow with us during these times!

I am thankful for Jesus and the reality that not only did He save me, He keeps me.  Not only does He keep me, He has called me to serve Him by loving His bride and serving her.  I am pretty sure, when I look back from eternity to these moments, as difficult as they sometimes are, I will be FULL OF PRAISE!

I am thankful for my family, what a joy to know and love them!  I am thankful for our church family, growing in intimacy and impact even in a pandemic.  I am thankful for our staff, elders and deacons, who took the time to join together last Saturday in seeking the best way to serve the congregation together.  I am thankful for a praying church that fasted and prayed, displaying our hunger for God, our dependence on Him, and our passion for His glory in and through our lives.  I AM THANKFUL!

Sunday Is Coming

Please take the time to prepare your hearts so that you get maximum impact from praising God together, and pursuing God with us!

Text:  1 Chronicles 16
Title:  Trusting God:  An Attitude Of Gratitude:

  • Why does trust for God show up in our thankfulness?
  • What are some traditions that you love about Thanksgiving?
  • Why do you think that God commands us to give thanks?
  • How can you be more thankful?
  • What are the results of thanksgiving in your life?
  • What are three lessons you have learned from the Trusting God series that you can share with at least two other people, one from our church family, and one who is not?
  • Who can you invite to view our services, so that our impact can continue to grow during COVID?

Thankful God Has Called Me To LOVE & SERVE God's People At CBC:

Pastor Rob


CBC Membership Classes

To love the Lord Jesus, is to also love His people, the Church.
Come discover why belonging and committing to a local church through membership is biblical and essential.
Sunday’s. 9:15am. Oct 18 - Nov 22.

These 6 classes are for anyone interested in exploring the core beliefs of Cloverdale Baptist Church, and what it is to be a healthy Christian. It is also the first step in pursuing membership with our church family.

Register by email:

Vivian Churchill-Brown is in process of membership, we are excited to have her join our family in this way and serve Jesus with us.  If you have any questions let us know.