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Hanging in There

To God's Beloved At Cloverdale Baptist Church:

 Where did the summer go?  If you were to count Sunday's, how many of them until Christmas?  One of the things that COVID has done to me is steal my concept of seasons and time.  It feels like April to me, and yet here we are in the back end of October.  I am convinced that God will use this season for His glory and the good of His people and His church, and one of the ways that I can see (know that there are many I won't understand until eternity) is a new grasp of the shortness of time.  

Our theme for the deacons has been, FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS, and our JST devotional focused on making the most of the time, and so to you as God's people, my encouragement is that you would learn with us that this moment in time, the era of COVID can be one that you use to maximum value for God's glory.  I like the older translations that talk about redeeming the time.  Who do you know that needs a virtual hug, or gentle nudge towards God and His ways?  Who has God placed in your sphere of influence that needs to hear about forgiveness, and salvation.  I believe if we could learn to see with eyes of faith (I am learning this with you) we would be excited about the opportunities every day to accomplish God's purpose for our lives.

I hope that one of the, "good", things you will take away from this COVID season is a new valuing of time, and your role for God's glory at such a time as this.  My prayer is that we would not waste this time, and even more, that we would work together for the saving of many lives, in the power of the Spirit, at such a time as this.

Heaven is real.  This concept has brought new life in my thinking through some study lately, as well as the death of Ron Bayne, and then Shirley Bayne.  So heartbreaking and yet filled with peace and joy.  I am thankful that Jesus has gone ahead of us, and prepared a place for those who believe and I rejoice that Ron, and Shirley love Him, and are truly in His presence for eternity.  Please pray for the Bayne family, and that the Gospel would be clear, central, and call those who don't know Jesus into relationship wtih Him!


This coming Sunday, we are BACK TO ROMANS.  I am excited about this, as it is one of the books used most by God to bring a renewal of first love devotion to God, and an overflow of life lived with passion for Him by His people.

Sunday Is Coming

Title:  A History Lesson That Can Change Your Story:
Text:  Romans 11

As you prepare your hearts, here are some helpful questions you can work through...

  • Take the time to review in your mind and heart Romans 9-11.
  • Why does God point to His Sovereignty so strongly?
  • How do you think the readers who got this letter would understand these verses?
  • Romans 11 shows us God's power over history, and that He is loyal to His people.  Why is this so important to us as we seek to follow Jesus in space time history?
  • How can we live our lives so that when we look back on our history next year, we will not be those who are filled with regrets, but rather those who are focused on constantly renewing our faith in God?

We have a new ROMANS BOOK available at the church office for a suggested donation of 5$.  You can also buy on Amazon...PLEASE GET THIS AND JOIN US IN THIS STUDY, for the sermons, the study, and sharing your life with others in community.  I think we need this more now than ever before as a church family!

There are a number devotions, bible studies and space to take notes, and we believe it will maximize your spiritual growth as we study the last chapters of this amazing book!  We will also offer a free downloadable copy on our website before the series begins.

Called Out, Sent In conference coming in November.  We are sponsoring a TGC online (and live) conference on November 7.  We will be joined by a church in Calgary and Newfoundland as we seek to maximize our holiness, and our impact for God in the world, but not of the world.  You can sign up to attend online (free, but must be signed up), or find our link online and join us for a morning in God's Word here, and across Canada.


Some Helpful Announcements

Please check out our online bulletin that is updated every week:   Keep Informed

Thanksgiving offering is going to go to our refugee ministry.  If you would like to give to this over and above your tithes and offerings please get to us through online giving, or drop it off...and mark it clearly, Thanksgiving Offering.  Thank you for your continued giving to CBC, your sacrifice is a blessing and allows us to continue to seek God's glory together, and invest in long term ministry on mission for our God!

The Elders have announced the annual AGM meeting:

Date/Time:     Wednesday,  October 28, 2020 at 7:00 p.m.

Location:        In the Church Sanctuary and Gym, with any overflow to go into the Fellowship Hall

Content:         General business, Previous minutes, Finance report, Search and Nominating Committee Appointments

Note:               No child-care will be available.

REGISTRATION TO ATTEND THIS AGM WILL BE THROUGH EVENTBRITE, IN THE SAME WAY AS WE REGISTER TO ATTEND SUNDAY SERVICE.  Registration is open immediately and will continue until Wednesday, October 28, 2020 at 6 p.m.

Please be in prayer for this meeting.

Don't forget to ZOOM in Sunday mornings for Sunday School and be involved in some of the many ministries going on!