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To God's Beloved At Cloverdale Baptist Church:

This may surprise you, but I am ready for this COVID thing to be over.  Okay, for those of you who take things very literally, I am well aware that it won't surprise you.  My heart aches for those impacted physically (now striking much closer to home, in our church, and my extended family), but even more for those impacted spiritually.  The great joy we have, is that although we know not being able to gather as we would like impacts us negatively spiritually, we also know that God is Sovereign over all of this, so if we focus on Jesus, and work hard to connect as best we can, we will thrive through this heartbreaking time.  THANK YOU to all who are working at staying connected, it is NOTICED & APPRECIATED.

So what do you need to do to thrive?  1.  Trust God:  Psalm 46; 2.  Pursue God:  Psalm 63; 3.  Pray:  Philippians 4:4-6; 4.  Pursue Community:  Hebrews 3:12-14; 5.  Watch For Opportunities To Do His Work:  Ephesians 2:10.

Take the time if you are struggling like me to look up those texts, and to take steps in your life to thrive.  For me it has meant a much more intensive pursuit of His presence every day, as I struggle to live my life for His glory with joy every step that I take.  Don't let the COVID grumps overtake you, fight for joy.  Don't let others COVID grumps depress you, fight for JOY!

ADVENT:  It is hard to believe how fast time is going.  Christmas is right around the corner, some wait until after American thanksgiving, others until after Ryan's birthday (December 11), but as a church we begin our serious preparation for exalting the greatness of our salvation and celebrating the coming of our KING the first time four Sunday's before Christmas.  This year we encourage you to get good resources to prepare your hearts, and we want to provide some for your family.

The Children’s Ministry department has a CHRISTMAS ADVENT CALENDAR for our families!  It gives you fun Christmas activities and easy crafts for your family to do each day that will point to the birth of the Saviour.  The calendar starts on Dec 1 and has something for your family to do up to Dec 26.  These are available at each church venue on Sunday mornings and also in the office entry.  The packet includes the calendar, instructions for use, and information about what is needed for the month.  Pick yours up today and have fun with your family this special Christmas season!

HELP:  We are looking for places to live for our precious family members that have recently arrived from Iran.  We are looking for two accommodations. One for a mother and university age daughter, and one for a single female adult University student, who needs a quiet home and a space to study. Being on, or close to a bus route to Trinity Western University would be preferable. If you know of a place where they could stay and flourish, please let Bob & Jean Austin know: We would love to be able to help them as they become more familiar with Canada, and seek to live for God's glory here in this strange (and wonderful) place.  I am so thankful God has blessed our church family with these precious daughters of His, and also know this is now our responsibility to respond to needs they might have.  THANK YOU!

HELP:  We need willing servants who can help us to serve God on Sunday mornings.  If you are willing to help us with sound, or other servant roles we need filled and help with on Sunday mornings please contact and let us know.  If you are willing, and have computer aptitudes we can train you!

Sunday Is Coming:

Title:  True Community:  Authentic Love
Text:  Romans 12:1-14

  • What does it mean to move from theology to doxology to commitment to local church to love?
  • Why is the order given in God's Word important?
  • Why is love so important to God, as displayed in His Word?
  •  How are you doing in the Romans 12:10 competition?
  • What does it mean that LOVE HATES?
  • How can you be known more and more for your love?
  • What actions do you need to take as you prepare for God's message for you this week to be more loving?


Excited that we are impacting so many online, sad we are impacting so few in the gathered church, but do come to one of our four zones if you are not vulnerable, and haven't been yet.  WE MISS YOU!  Sign up and join us!

In the HOPE of His Sovereignty, and the JOY of His Love, and the anticipation of His RETURN,

Pastor Rob

Other Helpful Announcements:

COVID RESPONSE:  We are continuing with Sunday services, please sign up and join us, we would love to have you there!  

All other live ministries have been cancelled for two weeks. 

How do we make these decisions during this time?  PRAYER, GOD'S WORD, WISE COUNSEL, and then we have a number of teams making recomendations that are synthesized before the decision is made.  Our primary concern is God's glory, and following His Word.  We also consider COVID restrictions given by the PHO, needs of our own congregants, unity in the body of Christ, ministries, protection of the vulnerable, love for our neighbours, witness in our neighbourhood and I suppose this list could go on.  Please pray for our teams as they make recomendations, and the continued protection of God's people at CBC, spiritually most importantly, but also emotionally and physically.  We don't always agree on the best road forward, but we do agree on the path to get there, and the unity God demands us to have once these difficult decisions are made.

Please check out our online bulletin that is updated every week:   Keep Informed

ZOOMIN on Sunday mornings for Sunday School

We are continuing our Sunday School: Zooming In on the Christian Life. It is taught by Pastor Ray and Pastor Thomas.

How does this work? You go to the link below to watch the teaching time (about 15 mins), then join the Zoom conversation on Sunday morning from 9:30am - 10:00am. Please email Pastor Thomas to get the zoom link:

Teaching Video Link:

Join us for our ONLINE connection Cafe

Stay informed and stay connected and choose to be an encourager, the people God brings to your mind that need His love through you will miss it if you choose to ignore those promptings (and this one).