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In-Person Services Update

To God's Beloved At Cloverdale Baptist Church:

As Christians we desire to be the best citizens possible, to love our neighbours, and to seek to out honour one another.

Today we have received new guidelines from the Provincial Health Office that have called for us to limit our in person gatherings.  In response to this WE:

Will have ONLINE ONLY services on Sunday's until further notice.

The office will continue to be open from 9-4 Tuesday to Friday, but we will limit any in person meetings to essential.  If you want to drop off offerings, or hamper items, you can still do that during office hours.

We will continue to offer many opportunities to connect:

  • Sunday School...ZOOMING IN
  • Connection Cafe Online
  • Mid-week updates
  • Children's Ministry Opportunities
  • AWANA online
  • YOUTH online
  • GROWTH GROUPS online
  • YOUNG ADULTS online
  • BIBLE STUDIES online

We know this is a TRIAL.

So how do we want you to respond?  Regardless of your feelings towards the new regulations, or the pandemic in general, there are some responses we can all agree this trial, and the situation that was announced today...

  1. Consider it pure joy: James 1:1-6
  2. Encourage one another as much as possible:  Hebrews 3:12-14
  3. Pray:  Philippians 4:4-6
  4. Pursue:  Community...stay connected by watching with us online, by emailing and phoning one another, keep your love for God strong, and your connection with the local church tight.
  5. Share the Gospel with someone around you that needs to hear of Jesus love.
  6. Trust in the Sovereignty of God and learn that life is frail, the time is short, so live well and prepare for eternity.  God has much for you to do to glorify his name, so today be ready for the good works He has prepared in advance for you to do, and do them (Ephesians 2:8-10).

Remember Psalm 46 as you continue your journey, and be a blessing of love to those around you as we all journey through these trials together...may we live as an overflow of our love for God in such a way that we will be known for our love for one another!


Weeping in HOPE,  

Pastor Rob