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Happy New Year

To God’s Beloved At Cloverdale Baptist Church:

Welcome to the New Year.  Excited about what 2021 will bring, especially as we stay devoted to Him, and seek His glory alone, and remain unified together.

Sunday we looked at the history of the Welsh revival, and although there is a lot of debate about revivals and their value, this I know, God works through people to accomplish His means, and although humans like us are weak and frail, if we devote ourselves fully to God He will use us to change the world!

So, are you willing to be what Moody would call, THAT ONE, or what God was seeking in 2 Chronicles 16:9 that is wholly devoted to Him, and in that finds His strength?  When we offer to Him who we are in our frailty, and what we have to offer in our weakness, we can change the world in His strength for His glory.

Here are the five commitments I would love for all of us to make today, and then choose to follow through on throughout the year…

  • I Commit To Confessing All Known Sin:
  • I Commit To Getting Rid Of The Good That Is Clouding The Best:
  • I Commit To Obey God No Matter What, Where, Or When:
  • I Commit To Publicly Declare That Jesus Is My LORD:
  • I Commit To Live With Jesus As My Passionate Priority Relationally & To Use My Time, Treasures & Talents For His Glory: I Commit To Live A Life Of Faith

Really we borrowed some of that from Evan Roberts, but well worth a one time commitment, and a year to living that out in dependence on God for His glory.

If we do this, we will find power, patience, purity, and peace.  There is a lot of noise that will seek to distract us and draw us away from our display of this relational priority!  If we take action on this commitment in His grace, we will discover a freshness in our walk with Him, a depth in our pursuit of His mission, and a change in our world!

Please read through this commitment, if you are willing, write it out, sign your name (in grace) and commit this day to be one who battles with us for God’s glory! 

 We will have cards available at the office if you would like to pick one up and sign it as a reminder, I find that particularly helpful!

Sunday Is Coming:

Please prepare your hearts by committing to be a person that prays!

Meditate on Matthew 6, and seek to pray your way towards the precious online gathering of our people.

Excited to be called by God to be partners with you in the Gospel,  

Pastor Rob

Staying Connected In Covid

Please check out our online bulletin that is updated every week:   Keep Informed

 We want to saturate 2021 in PRAYER!  Pastor Ray will be preaching on prayer this coming Sunday, and we will have a dedicated day to prayer on January 16...please join us, and don't miss this special, and powerful day.  Remember Elijah models what happens when ordinary people pray, so take your ordinary life, and PRAY PRAY PRAY!


The 2020 Christmas offering will be designated to the Langley Foodbank and will remain open until January 31, 2021.  Please mark your envelopes accordingly as you seek God's will to know how to invest your giving above your tithes and offerings.

Every Sunday we have CONNECTION CAFÉ:  Join us before the service in a time of sharing what God is doing.

 Sunday School starts again this week, please join us for a zoom chat, and interaction with God's word, the subject this year will be, "Worldliness".

Please don’t forget:

Invite 1, Encourage 3

If each of us takes this seriously, the impact will be massive!