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You Can Make a Difference

To God’s Beloved At Cloverdale Baptist Church:

Can one person make a difference? 


In fact if you take a moment and reflect on your own life, you will discover that there are people that stand out in your history that changed your life!  Some maybe that discouraged you, others that kept you going, or brought you to Jesus.

1 Person Can Make A Difference.

This is actually something God has put in place in the history of His people (Esther 4:14), and one of the reasons that He redeemed you (Ephesians 2:10).  One person can make a difference.  Elijah is noted as a man like us, who MADE A DIFFERENCE THROUGH PRAYER.  So, this year, God has placed you where you are at to be a blessing as the Holy Spirit works through you.  Find your place, and be a blessing, and make a difference, for through ONE MAN, redemption has come, and that ONE MAN has a plan to work through you this year to impact others for His glory.

Jim Elliott died on January 8, 1956.  It is a date I mark in my own life every year, because this one life given to the glory of God has changed so many lives in North America, and through his impact on missions around the world.  He is the one that declared, “He is no fool to give up what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot lose”.  There is one person who has changed my life, the course of missions, and through the power of his testimony and martyrdom, eternity.  He is no fool...

1 Person Can Make A Difference! 

We are longing for this year to be one where God uses us to change our world.  Yes, 1 person, YOU, can make a difference.

Most importantly, as we committed to a few weeks ago, make your relationship with Jesus your first and full priority (commitment cards can be picked up at the church office).  It is only as we REMAIN in the vine that our impact will be lasting and eternal!

Commit this year to grow this relationship…to spend time in prayer (JOIN US ON JANUARY 16), to listen to God through intaking and being saturated in His Word, and by being committed to community (not easy, but essential in these times).  Take the time to think through what this means for your life, for this year, if you belong to Him, He has a plan for you, that if you walk in it, will make a HUGE DIFFERENCE.

This week God has a plan for you to INVITE someone to know Him, and be a part of our church family discipleship.  This week God has a plan for you to ENCOURAGE some people, will you choose to obey, and make a difference?  Maybe someone will find courage, hope, strength, forgiveness, joy, because God has chosen to use you as His instrument of change.

1 Person Can Make A Difference…choose to be that person in the strength that God provides!

 Growth This Week:

Prayer:  Note that we have a place to share prayer requests on our website, and we as your elders would love to pray for you, and your need specifically if you share it with us.  Will you set aside January 16, and join us for a day of passionate prayer for Canada, and our church family?

Word:  Join us in the Bible read this year, and if you want you can find excellent devotionals on each section of Scripture you read ever day.

Here is today's:

Community:  WE NEED YOUR HELP to invite 1, and encourage 3.  Please do this, the longer we are physically separated, the more we need your help with this.  We are all feeling a little discouraged, and God has placed us in our family to encourage one another.  This week, be a part of our connecting army, and help us to follow Jesus together!

Sunday Is Coming:

Pastor Thomas is preaching this week on stewardship.

Why do you think that so many Canadians struggle with this idea of being entrusted by God with our resources?

How can you learn to see your life (time, treasures and talents) as God's?

What changes do you need to make to effectively use who God has made you, and what He has given you for His glory?

Some important reminders:

Membership CandidatesWe celebrate with those who seek to join the CBC family through membership. George and Gina Graham are in process of this; if you have any questions or concerns please speak with a pastor or elder. 


Please check out our online bulletin that is updated every week:   Keep Informed


The 2020 Christmas offering will be designated to the Langley Foodbank and will remain open until January 31, 2021.  Please mark your envelopes accordingly as you seek God's will to know how to invest your giving above your tithes and offerings.

Every Sunday we have CONNECTION CAFÉ:  Join us before the service in a time of sharing what God is doing.

Sunday School Is On!

How does this work? You go to the link below to watch the teaching time (about 15 mins), then join the Zoom conversation on Sunday morning from 9:30am - 10:00am. Please email Pastor Thomas to get the zoom link:

Teaching Video Link:

Kids ministry is seeking to serve you, and help in discipling our children and families even though we are not gathering live.  Please take advantage of this, and continue to make church a priority that your children can see and taste!

Thanks all for staying informed, and for being a person who has a positive impact for God's glory and the good of His church at CBC.

Honoured to serve you, and to be partners in the Gospel at such a time as this,

Pastor Rob

 James 5:17