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Body Builders

To God’s Beloved At Cloverdale Baptist Church:

Thanksgiving is upon us.  As you probably know, for the Christian every day is thanksgiving always, but sometimes a good reminder is needed for us earth dwelling, heavenly going passengers.  SO...BE THANKFUL, and let that overflow and cause others to be thankful.

 This week make thanksgiving your focus, and don't be distracted, and begin each conversation you are in with thanksgiving.  If that feels strange, let's make it the NEW NORMAL!

What are you thankful for, and how can you share that with others and display it in your life so that all will know you are marked by it, not just this week, but always.

How does the Gospel display the beauty of God’s love and call in such a way that it can help us be thankful always?

So important if we are to obey God’s command to be thankful always.

This week FACEBOOK shut down.  If you were unaware of this, I think you are blessed.  Facebook is not something I spend a lot of time on, although I do visit Cloverdale Baptist Church, and also do a little shopping on marketplace.  So why do I think you are blessed if you were unaware?  Because I think this tool, that can be used for good, is also a tool of the world to distract and destroy.  Many of us spend way too much time on Facebook, and that in itself is not great, but the sharing of pictures, and presenting of the ideal self, and the damage it is doing to children (both male and female) is upsetting (listen to the briefing by Al Mohler, if you want more on this).  I am thankful that we were forced into a little facebook fast, and challenge you to do more than a little, so that you can spend more time on things that matter to God, and less on things that might not be as good.

What are some things you can do this week with time you shift from social media to sanctification and God’s purposes for you? 

If you read the rest of this email in full, and can remember without playing back the service what three announcements Pastor Ray made just before the pastoral prayer, and are one of the first 3 to email me, we have a free book for you.

Sunday Is Coming:

As you prepare your hearts and minds for worship on Sunday review the text, and content, and seek with us to obey God’s Word as we learn it. 

Title:  The Church:  Called To Live On Mission

Text:  John 20:21

  • What is the mission of the church?
  • What does the risen Christ focus on as He sends His disciples out on mission?
  • Who are you praying for, that needs the Gospel?
  • What does it mean that we want to be a culture of evangelism and impact the community that God has placed His church in?
  • What are you doing right now in your life to obey Jesus call to live on mission for Him?

Name four things you are thankful for, and make one of them that God has called us on mission, and given us the opportunity to glorify His name by sharing His Gospel.

Thankful to be God’s child, and a part of God’s family at Cloverdale Baptist Church!


Thankful for you!

Pastor Rob


Parents of Grade One children … please be watching for an email from the Children’s Ministry department. We will be having the grad ceremony and the Bible presentations for your child on Sunday, October 24 in the 10:30 am service.  If you have a child in grade one and do not receive an email, please contact Robyn at



Growth Group Notes:

As you continue to grow and apply God’s Word, we encourage you to walk through these questions with your growth group, friends, and or family.

Body Building:
Ephesians 4:11-16

  • Why is it important to have the right view of God so that we live a healthy life in the body of Jesus?
  • How can you make sure your view of God is Biblical, and growing to be more biblical?  Discuss Tozer's, "your view of God is the most important things about you"; and Godard's, "your view of the church is the second most important thing about you".  Is this true?  
  • Why do you think that most churches have more spectators than servants?
  • How do you think we are doing as a church family in this? 
  • How are you serving Jesus body and building her up? 
  • How does, “each part doing its work”, lead to the church’s maturity?
  • What is the main role of Shepherds and Teachers, in this text?  (verse 11)
  • How can you be a part of the plan of God in your life in His body?
  • What are the spiritual gifts, and why does God give them to individuals?
  • What do you think your spiritual gift is? 
  • How can you start today to use them in the church?
  • How can you build up other believers in the body Jesus has placed you in?


Four Key Steps To Review When Seeking To Serve His Bride:

  1. Be aware of needs and people in the church
  2. Step up and serve where there are needs
  3. Be aware of where God has specially gifted you, and where you love to engage
  4. Step up and serve where you are gifted


Talk about each one of these, and how you can find places to serve in Jesus Body now.


What can you do to encourage people in our family (Jesus body) today?  Choose actions and follow through on them!  Be specific in your answer so that you can obey actively.


Here are some needs we currently have in our church family:


Let us know if you are God's solution to His brides maturing process....


An accountant willing to volunteer to help us with our accounting, and to assist the Deacon Of Finance.


Murray, our new chair of the deacons sent this my way….


Serving The Bride



Body Builders Needed








7 Teachers

12 Helpers