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A Call for Humility During Pride Month

To God’s Beloved At Cloverdale Baptist Church:

If you haven’t heard, this month is PRIDE month.  I know that might bring all sorts of things to your mind, and certainly it is a reminder to us that we live in a world that is not thinking or living biblically. 

The part I want to focus on is the PRIDE part.  We as Christians want to be those who model HUMILITY, not pride, in fact we want to be those who are so loving that we self sacrificially pursue God’s best for others all of the time in a humility that comes from Him and obedience to His Word.  This does mean taking a firm stand on issues that the Bible speaks clearly on, and it also means that we do so with a deep humility, and a longing to see all people we interact with experience the love of God so richly that they live for Him.

I long for us to avoid PRIDE in our traditions, or positions and embrace HUMILITY in our love and convictions so that we display God’s love, and invite people to join us in dying to self, and living in accordance with God’s Word.  The solution to the worlds way of thinking is not to attack it with our own form of pride, but to humbly help people experience the rich love of God in Christ Jesus and to follow His ways together knowing it is only in Him we can know TRUE FREEDOM.  We stand firm with God as to what is best, and we will not bend, and we will be gracious and humble in our sharing of His ways with others!

This month let us fight for freedom in Christ, even as we see the world shifting away from God’s best for people, and may we be so marked by love, that even when we don’t join them in pride, people’s take away will be that we are HUMBLE.  Yes stand firm on God's WORD and never bend, call what He calls sin, SIN...and as we do this in the power of the Spirit and the humility of Christ we can minister to those who are deeply hurting...and find the freedom to be who He has called us to be together.

Remember…James 4:6…and let us be those who draw near to God, and seek to draw others to Him as well!  HUMILITY is the entrance point for knowing God, and the result of knowing Him is an ever deepening humility as He gives grace to us.  Let us speak the truth in LOVE, and live as those who know we are trophies of grace for all eternity (Ephesians 2:7).

Stand firm, stand in love, and live in away that displays the holiness and love of God, and we will be rejected by man, accepted by God, and used to build His Kingdom!

As the world has a pride month, let us have a HUMILITY LIFE, and let us show them God's way, and be used by God to show them the pathway to TRUE FREEDOM in CHRIST!  Let us follow the path of the Word, not the world.

We have been focusing on discipleship in these updates, but today, want to focus on the importance of being a healthy part of the family, with the congregational meeting coming on June 14.

You cannot be a healthy Christian without being a healthy participant in the local church.  We could write volumes on this, but I want to sum it up in with three biblical priorities.

  1. Know and love God personally, and pursue Him, and the ministries of the church in Word and prayer.  For us, today, want to focus on PRAYER.  Please be in prayer for our church family, and especially for the process with Pastor Dwight!
  2. Connecting and Serving. We are in the process of restarting the world, and some of it is a little awkward (if you don't believe me fly through Toronto).  For us in the church, we too are in this restart, and our involvement in connecting and encouraging and serving is KEY to us being successful long term.  Make a phone call, send a text, write a card, look for someone in connection café, and help us to be a loving church family.  Serve…look for a place to serve that will help you to flourish, and help us to flourish.  Use your gifts to meet a need, or if you are unsure of your gifts…choose to meet a need!  God has placed us here to use us to build up His family.
  3. Share the Gospel in your sphere of influence with your life and lips in the power of the Spirit. Live a holy life, in the world but not of the world, and rejoice in His goodness and grace for His glory!  Talk about Him.  For the authentic Christian you would have to hide your true self not to witness to those around you who need Jesus!

We have an opportunity to reset with God’s priorities, so join us in prayer and submission to God and His Word, and connect, and be connecting…serve as you are served, and let God use your life to serve Him…He is the King, and His Kingdom is ALL THAT MATTERS!

Sunday Is Coming:

We have a special guest speaker, well loved at CBC, Pastor Stephen Bray.

Title:  The Role Of The Holy Spirit In The Life Of The Church

Text:  John 16

May God continue to bless and use us as His family for His glory,

 A Fellow Humbled Servant Of The King,  

Pastor Rob

 James 4:6 

Helpful Family Information As You Pray:

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Learn 5 steps to accomplish a mission, whether you are a leader or want to make a change in your life. Lee has many years of leadership experience in the industry and the church, as the Chair of Elders.

General Business Meeting

Tue. June 14th / 7:00 PM / Sanctuary
We will present the budget for the 2022/23 year and special resolutions to vote in elders, deacons, privacy officer, and Pastor of Families with a Focus on Children. Learn more >

Baptism Sunday

Sunday, June 26th / During Service
If you would like to be baptized, please talk to one of our pastors or contact the church office.

Sound & Lighting Volunteers Needed

The Worship ministry is looking for volunteers to serve in Sound and Lighting during our Worship Services. Training will be provided. Get involved now.

Spark Studios Summer Camp

July 11th – 15th / 9 AM – 12:30 PM / CBC
Camp registration is now open for all kids going into grades 1 to 6 this September! Register your child today. Volunteers may also apply online.

Kids Camp Needs

We need lots of used, small appliances, radios, computers, or anything that can be taken apart by kids. Please bring them to the church office and please know that these will not be returned! Thanks!

Support for Missionaries in Ukraine

Please prayerfully consider supporting our missionaries in Ukraine and Poland who are meeting Ukrainian refugee needs. Donate here.


Search Committee for Pastor of Families; with a Focus on Children

Pastor Dwight Stephen

Candidating Week Schedule – June 7 – 12th

On behalf of the Search Committee for Pastor of Families with a Focus on Children, we invite you to come and meet Dwight and Amanda this coming week. Below is the schedule.

We all value Children’s Ministry, so it is important that you take the time to get to know the candidate before the Congregational Vote on June 14th.

If you have any questions about the week or about Dwight, your Search Committee is available to help.  They are Colleen Swoboda, Susette Uter, Heinz Nienkaemper, Murray Isaac, Wes Osterman, Daniel Townson, Dan Radke, Tim Radke, Paul Weme, and Ken Bayne.

Tuesday, June 7th         6:30pm – 8:30pm         

  • Where? Fellowship Hall
  • Who is invited? Bring the kids, parents, volunteers of Awana, Sunday School, Kids Connect
  • Dwight will do a brief teaching time with kids, then kids will go to supervised area and Dwight will share with the adults
  • Q & A
  • Dessert, tea, coffee

Wednesday, June 8th      7pm – 9pm   

  • Youth, Wednesday Evening
  • Dwight will be helping Pastor Rob who is leading the Youth that evening

Thursday, June 9th       7pm – 9pm 

  • Where? Fellowship Hall
  • Who is invited? Adults, Seniors, Growth Groups, Anyone
  • Growth Groups will bring desserts, tea, coffee supplied
  • Dwight will give a devotional, share his philosophy of ministry
  • Q & A

Sunday, June 12

  • The Stephen Family will be at the Sunday Service
  • Dwight will attend Kids Connect with Robyn, meet the kids and volunteers
  • Church Luncheon open to all, please plan to attend directly after service
  • Interview and Q & A with Dwight and Amanda

Tuesday, June 14   Church Business Meeting & Vote 

  • 7pm in the Sanctuary
  • Please come; It's important