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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving:

Okay, I know it is American, and we are Canadian, but Christians should find every opportunity to be thankful one that fits who we are.  We are citizens of heaven, and as such...THANKFUL!

What are you thankful for this week, beyond football (I mean American, not soccer) and turkey (I mean the food, not your friend who is like the food)?

As we are commanded to be thankful, and thanksgiving is needed to be anxiety free, make a list, check it twice, and share it with a few people in your sphere of influence.  If we are thankful before we are engaged in conversation, much of what we say that we regret can be minimized.


It is also a time of preparing for Christmas…ADVENT

We start this coming Sunday to get ready to celebrate Jesus coming to earth, to rest in why He came, and to anticipate with great joy His return.  This is an opportunity to re-orient our lives around what really matters, and as we take the time to do this as a church family, we encourage you to do this individually as well.  The church calendar allows us to focus on things that matter, and use this to be a first loved devoted people!

For many Christmas is hard, or welcomes a worldly focus, so let us take the time to experience the love of Jesus afresh, and share that love with others in a healthy way!

As we reconnect as a church family we are delighted with many new people, and encouraged as others choose to re-engage.  These are exciting times to serve Jesus and we want to connect more and more as a church family.  Please go out of your way to welcome people who might feel new to you, to love those who are old to you, and to be someone who makes us a welcoming and loving church family.  WE NEED YOU!

We are gathering for a meal on Sunday after service, and would love for all to attend and help us to stay connected, or reconnect, or connect for the first time.  Sit with someone you don’t know and ask them about their family, friends, what they learned from the sermon, or any other intimacy building question you can think of and listen and learn who they are.  We are a family that is good at connecting, and we can continue to get better.  Join me in making us better at this essential ministry.  Be AWARE…and seek to help us become who God wants us to be in the FELLOWSHIP area of being a family.

Sunday Is Coming:

Advent Series:  Why Did Jesus Come?

As we prayerfully move into this season we want to rejoice in the richness of Jesus, and bathe in His love.  We want to know Him more, and experience life in His presence and live for His glory.  Pray you would be prepared in a way that unifies us in our pursuit of His peace and love. 

Title:  Why Did Jesus Come?  PEACE

Text:  Philippians 2:1-11 

  • What is your best memory from Christmas?
  • Why is it important to prepare to celebrate in a way to honours Jesus?
  • What can you do to prepare your heart to celebrate in a way that honours Jesus and reorients your life around what really matters?
  • How can we experience the peace that Jesus offers?
  • As you reflect on Philippians 2:1-11 what does it teach you about the humility Jesus models for us?
  • How does knowing how Jesus entered into history help us to trust Him more?
  • How can you share the meaning for Christmas with people in your sphere of influence?
  • What are some ways you can be a servant in humility this season?

Honoured to connect with you, and serve Him as your servant,

Pastor Rob



Moms & Tots

Wednesday, Nov. 23rd / 9:30 am / Gym Come for a time of fellowship with other moms while the kids (aged 0-5) enjoy playtime and a snack! This is a parent-supervised event.

Annual General Meeting

Wed. Nov 23rd / 7:00 PM / Sanctuary Usual general business, ministry reports, financial statement, and a special resolution to consider a Deacons’ request to carry forward $17,000 from 2021/22 Deacons’ discretionary fund to the 2022/23 fiscal year. Please note that childcare will not be provided during the meeting.

Special Offering

Pastor Rob and his wife, Lori, will be having the privilege of supporting and ministering to house church leaders from Iran on behalf of CBC in early 2023. As a church, we want to fund those joining them from Iran, so we encourage you to generously give in support of these Christians in need. Please mark your gift with TWR conference.

Q&A: Engaging in Spiritual Warfare

▶️ The Cloverdale Baptist Podcast Spiritual warfare is a reality that Christians face every day, but how do we avoid falling for silly myths and engage in battle with a biblical perspective? This episode is part of our ongoing Q&A podcast series. Submit your questions and we’ll answer them in future episodes.

Church Fellowship Lunch

Sunday, Nov. 27th / After service / Gym A great opportunity to connect with others while enjoying some delicious food. Join us next Sunday after the service!

Women’s Christmas Event

Sat. Dec. 10th / 7-9pm. A fellowship and outreach event where we’ll be making a garland and sharing a gospel message. Refreshments will be provided. Visit the Women’s Ministry table in the foyer for details.