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Thank You For Your Generosity!

To God’s Beloved At Cloverdale Baptist Church:

Thank you for your generosity!  We are so excited to serve God and His bride at CBC here and around the world.  The gifts you have given to this ministry have been invested, and now we need your prayers as we journey and serve.  As is normal for God’s people at CBC you have provided beyond what we imagined, and we PRAISE GOD FOR YOU!  Thank you…because of your generosity lives will be changed…and because lives are changed…churches will be impacted…and because churches are impacted…revival is possible…and because revival is possible…WOW!

We leave this Sunday, and covet your prayers for the week that follows of intensive prayer, care, and teaching.  We carry with us precious gifts for persecuted people, and CBC's giving to this allowed Lori to bless in this way on your behalf (we are also carrying a cargo of pens for the men.  We then will have a nice holiday on the way home in Europe, and then back to missional living with Jesus bride here.

God has blessed us with a great church family and we are praising God for you, your faith, love, and faithfulness in the midst of a world that seems to be drifting.  God has used you to bless, and will use you through us, to continue to move.  As you use your pens (if you got one) please let them drive you to pray for us, and know we value you and your prayers on this journey.

Over the last period of time we have seen record attendance in our membership classes, and again we have great interest.  We are starting another membership class this Sunday during discipleship hour, and I encourage you to join us in this if you are not yet a member and learn the passion we have for God’s glory, and prayerfully consider uniting with us in the mission Jesus has placed us on.  We are so thankful for this opportunity to declare together who we are, what we believe, and what we long to accomplish in God’s strength!

This morning we met as a staff around God’s Word, and did some sharing and praying together.  Was thrilled to hear that our Kids Ministry is over 100 again during Kids Connect, and that much is happening in our discipleship hour.  The elders believe that God wants us to focus on discipleship, meaning our deepening of our walk with Him so that our character conforms to His Word, and our lives are lived in dependence on Him in prayer.  Encourage you to be personally seeking God, and taking advantage of the ministries that we are seeking to provide to help us grow to love God more, encourage one another more effectively to live in obedience to His Word.  We are called to be IN the world but not OF the world, and this is getting more and more difficult, and more and more important!

Sunday Is Coming:

We are going back to our series on Revelation, and I am excited to see how God will use this powerful book to continue to shape our lives.

Revelation is a book that the Holy Spirit inspired to help us to live for Jesus in a lost and broken world filled with pain and confusion.  It is powerful and deep in its confrontation, and encouragement!  It is a Revelation of Jesus Christ, and shows us how to live for Him and not ourselves, even when life is not fair.

Take the time to refresh yourself with this great book, and especially the chapters we are going to focus on, Chapters 15-16…

Title:  Fear Or Fellowship

Text:  Revelation 15-16

Chapter 16 is one of the most clear passages on the wrath of God in the Bible.

  • What makes this doctrine difficult for us to hear?
  • How does understanding the HOLINESS of God help us to grasp this doctrine better?
  • Why is it important for us to believe passages like this and what they teach in the midst of a world that attempts to avoid God’s Word in these areas? 
  • How does the grace of God explode our view of what is fair and what is deserved?
  • How can we live in light of grace in our own lives so that we are always filled with thanksgiving?
  • Chapter 15 is a song of the redeemed…and it is a song filled with praise.  Why is it important that we see the redeemed singing?  That we sing? 
  • How do these two chapters help us to live our lives in a radically God-Centred manner?
  • How can we learn to see Him for who He has revealed Himself to us to be, so that we can love Him and serve Him in grace, and in light of His glorious justice and wrath?


Trembling with joy, and praise for His grace, as I cling to Him…and seek to serve Him in His strength, for His glory

Your servant, delighted to be called to serve the persecuted church, because I am His,

Pastor Rob

Prayer MeetingFebruary 5, 7-8.  Join us as we make this a priority as a church family.  WE NEED GOD!



Membership Class

Starting Jan. 29th / 9:00 AM / Room 246 Join this 6-week course where we’ll learn what it means to be a healthy Christian and explore the doctrinal beliefs of CBC. Visit the Ministry Centre today for registration and more details.

Marriage is a Team Game Conference

February 17th –18th / Register Now > An interactive weekend devoted to building the oneness that God intended for marriage. Combining stories from their life experience in the NHL and beyond, Ryan & Jennifer Walter will join us to help every couple on their journey towards the ultimate team. Register today or in the foyer.

New Discipleship Class for Adults

Every Sunday / 9:00 AM / Fellow. Hall An 11-part video series on the Book of Mark, which chronicles Jesus’ journey from Galilee to Jerusalem. We’ll have group discussions and teaching by Pastor Ray.

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