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Happy International Women's Day

To God’s Beloved At Cloverdale Baptist Church:

Today is a very special day in our world where we are called on to honour women.  Although I don’t think the way the world celebrates this day truly honours women, I do think a day to honour women is a good thing.

Jesus took the time to honour women, and did so in a way that transcended His culture.  I believe as we study God’s Word and rejoice together in the differences of men and women, and the way God made and values each uniquely, it is worth taking a moment and praising God for His marvelous ways!

God created women, equal and different than men.  Valuable and equal, to be a part of His plan to display His glory to the world in a distinct and unique way.  Culture has, and continues to devalue who God created women to be, and how He values them, and one of the great ways culture has devalued women is to diminish their uniqueness as women, created in the image of God, or try to change where they as precious daughters of the KING find their value.

So, today, we declare with joy, God and His followers value women and rejoice in the special unique way that God has created women to glorify His name.  Take a moment today to honour the women in your life, and to pray for them, and commit to value them as an overflow of your relationship with God, VALUE WOMEN, as God does, and we will follow Jesus example of transcending the culture, and treasuring His daughters.

Celebrate International Women’s Day biblically, and although the culture might reject you, might even call you names, women in your sphere of influence will experience the dignity and value God has given them, and God will be glorified.

Last time we talked about growing in our faith, we looked at being GOSPEL ORIENTED.

Today, to grow in our faith, we must be those who intake God’s Word.  Or maybe better put, who seek to live our lives with a Biblical orientation.  The only way to do this is to spend time with God’s Word.  In fact, to be those who spend more time in the WORD than in the WORLD, and that is not easy (Romans 12:1-2).  Being Word saturated will only happen as we intentionally seek to soak ourselves in it, and be ruled by it.

So, take the time to look at how you are intentionally reading God’s Word.  What you are currently memorizing.  How you are studying with God’s people and seeking to apply what you are learning.  How often when you meet with others are you talking about God’s Word, and seeing it as a guide to how you think, feel and live.

The world is filled with opinions that seek to dominate how we think and feel (just think of the current discussions on what it means to value women biblically, or culturally), God’s people are constantly reforming our minds to His Word…by renewing our minds with His Word.

Take the time today to commit to being intentional in your choices so that you are Word saturated. 

Write down commitments that you are making, and share them with some other believers, and talk about what you are learning. 

If you are in the WORD in significant portions, then you will impact the WORLD in tremendous ways, rather than compromise and join her!Happy International Women's Day

Sunday Is Coming: 

I love the book of Revelation, and discussion of how to prepare for Jesus return as a family.

Title:  The King Is Coming

Text:  Revelation 19

Last week we discussed being a committed part of the local church and beautifying the bride as a key part of preparing ourselves for Jesus return.

  • How does your commitment to the local church show your desire to be ready for Jesus return?
  • How are you using your gifts to serve and build her up?
  • Read all of Revelation 19
  • As we discuss the return of Jesus, what descriptions are given in this text so that we can know Him better?
  • How can see Jesus for who He has revealed Himself to be?
  • As you see the picture of Jesus given here, what does it cause you to feel? 
  • How can you align your expectations of Jesus return with this great text?
  • What does this text share with us about the WHY of Jesus coming?
  • How does this text help the Bride prepare for His coming?

Was sharing with Lori, how much we love serving you as God’s children here.  May our God continue to draw us closer to Him, and help us to know Him better and live for Him more completely.

Your servant because I am His, 

Pastor Rob


Baptism Service

Planned for Resurrection Sunday.  If you haven't been baptized as a follower of Jesus, and would like to learn more about this, please see one of our pastors. 

Growing Together Women’s Breakfast

Sat. March 11th / 9–11 AM / Fellowship Hall Guest speaker: Pastor Rob Godard. This event is by donation.  Please sign up by emailing

NewComers’ Luncheon

March 12th / After Service / Fellow. Hall Join us for lunch after the service on March 12th if you are new to Cloverdale Baptist Church in the last 6 months! We’ll share with you who we are, what we stand for, and make you aware of the ministries at the church. Pastor Rob will host a Q&A for any questions. All ages are welcome and no registration is required.

One Day Fun Day

Wed. March 22nd / 9am–3pm / CBC All the fun and activities of Day Camp, but in one fun-filled day! Worship, a bible lesson, craft time, activities, and then heading to Eagle Acres for an afternoon activity. For kids between Kindergarten–Grade 6! Register here >

5 Lessons from Our Missions Trip

The Cloverdale Baptist Podcast Pastor Rob and his wife Lori were recently invited to speak at a conference in the Middle East where they equipped and supported Christians who face intense persecution for their faith. Listen today on our website or your preferred podcast app!


Join us in praying for our missionaries around the globe.

Tony / Middle East

  • Praise God for 3 new believers and the completion of another great conference, thanks to all your prayers.
  • Pray for these new believers and the others who attended as they return home often to face persecution.
  • Pray that God will strengthen these believers and give them the courage to stay strong and grow in their faith despite opposition.
  • Pray for the people of Turkey after the devastating earthquake and the many families affected by the loss of family and friends.
  • Pray that local churches will do everything they can to help, and bring comfort and hope through the gospel to many.