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Why Meetings Matter

To God’s Beloved At Cloverdale Baptist Church: 

This week we have a congregational meeting on Wednesday night at 7:00, where we gather to worship and celebrate God’s greatness, and seek His will together.

Why does this matter?  Why is this worth your time and prayers?

Why are these important for those of us who believe the best way to discern the will of God as a congregation is to be in submission to Christ by being congregationally governed, elder led?  The simple answer is that we see every person who belongs to CBC (member) as important in helping us to pursue God’s will in a Spirit filled manner.  Because we believe God speaks through His devoted people, and we value the church pursuing God together.

So what does that mean for me as a person who attends CBC?

  1. Participate

By this I mean participate in the family of God by becoming a member of CBC, of committing yourself to using your gifts to build the body of Christ with us, witness for God’s glory, and receive from others to grow.

We need one another, and one of the best ways for us to pursue this is a loyalty and love for the local church.  The longer I study God's Word the more I see the importance of the local church, and the way the flesh, the devil and the world attack her.  We need one another, and God has called and saved us to live in community.  A love for God always yields a love for the local church, imperfect as she may sometimes be.

So if you are a member, renew your covenant commitment and follow God’s Word on what it means to be a part of this family.   If you are not a member yet, become one, and join us in your commitment to Jesus and His family at CBC!


  1. Pray 

This might seem obvious, and yet in congregational governed churches has often been lacking.  One of the right criticisms of congregational government is that it can turn the church into a cultural democracy, where the people rule the church, not Jesus.  This is a danger, and we remind our members that we are a CHRISTOCRACY, not a democracy, and the way to join together in this is to make a commitment to personal and corporate prayer.

A democracy can quickly slip into politics or group think, and what we long for instead is a renewed mind that knows the will of God.  Or perhaps better stated, renewed minds that together in unity have Christ think, not group think. 

We come seeking God’s will together in full surrender to Him and to His glory.  If we haven’t prayed, surrendered, and pursued God’s best we will find ourselves slipping into the ditch of division or apathy very quickly. 

The will of God can be found in the Word of God, and where that is not as clear as we would desire, with minds saturated with the Word of God we pray, and discuss in humility and complete surrender to God (Romans 12:1-2).  We long to be a place where Jesus is honoured by our passion to follow His will, and how we discover that together.



  1. Pursue

Pursue God’s will with us, but joining us not only at the meetings but in seeking to understand the direction that the elders are leading, and the deacons are serving.  Seek to join us in a desire to accomplish Jesus mission in building His bride, and reaching the world.  Make a commitment to other believers and pursuing God’s will with us! 

When we gather together we do not want to know what the church thinks, although that is helpful, rather it is a gathering with a passion to know what Jesus thinks.  This takes a lot more personal and corporate pursuit, but it is worth it, if we come with a cleansed, committed, and humble.  If each who comes is filled with the Spirit, the way we do business will be filled with conviction and love, and the unity we will find will be from Him and for Him.  You matter as an individual, as a part of the community, and in our pursuit to bring God glory in everything!

So, I encourage you to join us in participation, prayer, and pursuit of God’s will, not only at congregational meetings, but engaged with us in the ministry of the church. 

Remember the local church (churches) is God’s plan A, and there is not plan B!  So let us be a part of surrendering to Him, and together seeking His mind for His glory.

When I first came to Cloverdale Baptist our meetings were not filled with love, and seem to avoid being led by the Spirit, so we have sought to lead us to the place where our meetings honour Jesus and do His work.  The man that started this transition said to me once, “wouldn’t it be great if people could come to our business meetings and from them not only see how we love one another, but come to know Jesus because of this love” or something like that…and we have sought to shape that, but continue to need your help and humility to grow more and more into the people, and meetings that Jesus would have us to have.

So, join us with your presence, but even more, aware of HIS PRESENCE, and help us to pursue His will for His glory as we seek to be a God honouring church that is Elder led, congregationally governed, in submission to God and for God!

Particpate, Pray, Pursue...and we will more and more become the church family that God desires! 

If you as an individual congregant believe you have some ideas that will help us to glorify God, please connect with the deacon who serves in that ministry area, or the elders if it is a spiritual, or visionary dream.  We all are very open to interaction, and long to be used by God to build His people for His glory!  The more we grow together in the mind of Christ, and in unity pursue that with passion, the greater our intimacy with Jesus will grow, and passion for His glory will impact others!

Joining With You, In Submission To His Lordship,

Pastor Rob

Reminder:  We want to grow together in submission to God and His Word, and have a dedicated day, June 10 to grow together.  THE CHURCH IS ESSENTIAL!

Reminder:  Baptism:  We have planned for another baptism, if you haven’t been baptized as a believer yet, contact one of our elders or pastors and we will help you take this next step.

Sunday Is Coming

Pentecost:  The Impact Of The Holy Spirit On The Church Of Christ

1 Peter 4

We are taking a short break from our End Is Near series, although staying in 1 Peter 4.  

  • What difference does the Holy Spirit make in our lives?  In our church?
  • How can we be those who actively seek to be filled with the Spirit so we are known for our holiness and love?
  • How does the Holy Spirit guide us into truth now?
  • How can we seek God's glory together in the fullness of the Spirit?
  • What changes can you make in your life this week to live in the fullness of the Spirit? 



Spring Business Meeting

Wed. May 24th / 7:00 PM / Sanctuary We will be conducting general business as usual, as well as Special Resolutions to be voted on. These include the 2023/24 Financial Budget, Elder, Deacon and Director offices and a search committee for a Pastor of Discipleship. All are welcome (no childcare provided).

Church Is Essential Conference

Sat. June 10th / 8:30 Am – 4:30 pm / CBC We’re partnering with The Gospel Coalition BC to host a conference called Church is Essential. Join us free of charge here at CBC as we tackle some of the key questions about the nature of church and ministry. Conference schedule and details.

Baptism Sunday

Sun. June 18th / During the service We will be witnessing a few people going through the waters of baptism. If you have put your faith  in Christ and would like to be baptized, see one  of our pastors today or contact our church office.

Reclaiming the Centrality of the Local Church

▶ The Cloverdale Baptist Podcast Our friend Mark Jones joins us once again to discuss the trivialization of regular church attendance that has been plaguing Christianity for years, with the recent pandemic further exacerbating the issue. Listen to this episode on one of our podcast platforms or our website.

Summer Camps 2023

Register Today!

Soccer Camp / July 10–14 / Grade 1–6: Become a total athlete! Our coaches and club soccer players will help your child develop fundamental dribbling, shooting, passing, and ball control skills.

Day Camp / July 24–28 / Preschool–Grade 6: Five fun-filled days with stories, songs, teaching, crafts, and games! Kids will journey with Emerson, Nebraska, and their friends as they search to figure out the Mystery in Cedar Valley.