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To God’s Beloved At Cloverdale Baptist Church: 

This week we send a team to Newfoundland to help in the planting of a healthy church in a province that needs Jesus.  I am so thankful for those who are going, and praying for them.  They will share the Gospel with children and families, and we pray will see fruit that will glorify God!  As they go, pray for them, and be reminded that you are God’s choice to reach people in your sphere of influence and pray that He would use your life and lips to draw people to Himself!

Join us on Tuesday evening for a special time of prayer, led by our elders, and a time to entrust our lives to Him.  We believe it is only in God’s strength that we have any hope in our current culture, and so we continue to seek to be a church that moves forward on our knees.  Matt Gibson will take some of the time to share about missions, although will also share Sunday night.

Summer is almost over, and we want to hit the September season ready to ENGAGE fully in what God has called us to as a congregation!  There is much that we are doing and encourage you to stay informed as we take steps to live on mission for our God together. 

Please consider…

  • Joining a Growth Group (Ken Bayne is elder in charge)
  • Attending Discipleship Hour (we are seeking to make these relevant and radically God centred
  • Sharing your faith with at least two people a month
  • Looking for five people each Sunday to encourage and bless
  • Attending elder led prayer meetings once a month
  • Renewing your first love devotion to Jesus…

We will grow in health only as each part, "does its work", and we long for each that belongs to Jesus and this family to ENGAGE fully in Christ, with the POWER OF THE SPIRIT, for the GLORY OF GOD.

I am excited about the coming year and know that together, in full devotion to Jesus, this can be the greatest ministry year of our almost 100 year church history.

Sunday Is Coming:

Parables: The Parable of the Good Samaritan: 

Read Luke 10:25-37

This is one of the most famous parables. 

  • Why do you think that people seem to love it so much?
  • How should it shock us?
  • What do you think Jesus point in the parable is?
  • How can you apply it to your life?
  • What are some highlights of your Kingdom Parable growing?  Share what you are learning with some others in your life. 

Please be in prayer for the coming year, for those who are hurting, and for lives that will glorify God in the coming year!

A fellow servant,

Pastor Rob



Mentoring 101 Course

Saturday, Aug. 19th / 9am–12pm / Fellow. Hall A new course with the goal of equipping people to grow deeper in order to have an impact on others’ lives. Pastor Rob will cover topics like defining mentorship, who can be a mentor, and how it should be done. All are welcome, but for planning purposes,  please let us know if you will attend.

More Than $3 Worth of the Gospel: Christian Community

▶ The Cloverdale Baptist Podcast As we see the number of dechurched Christians rapidly increasing, we need to be reminded that God has commanded the gathering of believers. The church is a place to encourage one another, lest we are hardened by the deceitfulness of sin, and where each part does its work as the Body of Christ by serving one another. Listen to this episode on Apple Podcasts,  Spotify, and Google Podcasts, as well as on our website.

Summer Prayer Nights

Tuesdays / 7:00 pm / Fellow. Hall At Cloverdale Baptist we always emphasize the importance of personal and corporate prayer. Over the summer, we’ll be meeting every Tuesday at 7pm, where our elders will be leading us through a time of prayer and sharing a brief message. We hope you’ll make this a priority!

We’re Hiring!

Learn more >

  • Pastor of Discipleship: Our search committee is looking for a candidate with a heart to see people grow in the faith and knowledge of the Lord. Full job description is available at the link above.
  • Worship Ministry Intern: Paid internship from Sept. 2023–May 2024 which offers experience in leading worship services, mentoring and teaching.