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How Do We Engage More?

To God’s Beloved At Cloverdale Baptist Church: 


We live in exciting times.  Perhaps a lot more like the NT than before, and in these times in the power of the Holy Spirit we can have tremendous impact if we will engage!

So why don’t we?

Why do we isolate ourselves, and shrink back from relationships and impact?  Why is it so easy to disengage, and takes a lot more energy to get more engaged... 

I am sure each person reading this could come up with different reasons, and the temptations are growing not shrinking.  When thinking about the church as a whole, the key question for us, is how can we ENGAGE more?  With God, with His church, with the world, in such a way that we make a tremendous difference for God and His glory! 


That is the theme of our coming year, and one that want each person to consider and pursue.  If we make this a goal that each of us takes seriously we will solve the disengagement problem, at least here, and we will see God work in us and through us in incredible ways.

So, HOW DO WE ENGAGE MORE?  What does this look like?

To start we need a biblical view of God and a relationship with Him through the Gospel.  These are both areas we constantly need to grow in!

Pastor Steve preached from John 17, and helped us see how we can be more FAITH FILLED in our worship and dedication to God and His glory.

Here are some questions you can ask in your Growth Groups, families, and sphere of influence….from that text?

  • In John 14, when Jesus says take heart because I have overcome the world, what does this mean in a practical way for us?  Especially for those experiencing trouble, or seeing the culture move away from God's values?
    • How can you remember that Jesus is praying for you right now, so that your heart is encouraged?
      • What do you think that He is praying for you right now?
    • Why is remembering Jesus view of us so important to living an engaged life?
  • What does Jesus pray for in this passage (what Pastor Steve covered), and how should this gives us comfort and courage in our lives?
  • What does it mean to communicate truth in your life right now?
  • What is Jesus commission for you?
    • How can you live it?
  • What are you consecrated for?
    • Why is remembering that key to living a life of holiness and joy?
  • In your own words, what does it mean to be a disciple?
    • How are you living your life in such a way that you are making disciples (Matthew 28:18-20)?

Take the time to talk about what God is teaching you, and to listen to others who are in your learning community!


  • If you want a Biblical response to our times, join us in the Youth Room, Sunday mornings from 9-10…if you want a foundation for your faith so you can live for Jesus, join us in the board room on Sunday mornings. Discipleship Hour is for you to grow deeper and impact wider, and we all need it…and we have it for ALL AGES! 

Sunday Is Coming:

We will be spending the next few weeks in Romans 12...and it would be beneficial if you start, Romans 11:33-12:10.

  • What do you see from these texts as an engaged life?
  • Why is your view of God key to being fully devoted to Him?
  • Why do you think the LIVING SACRIFICE comes after a proper view of God, and is followed by a commitment to the local church relationally and in service?
  • How can you use this text to springboard your engagement in life for God and His glory?
  • Why do you think so often people disengage with the God of the Bible, commitment to His Lordship, and love for the local church?
  • How can we avoid this as a church family?

It is good to be in the family of God, and ENGAGE with you as partners in the Gospel!

Pastor Rob


Read your bulletins, and make sure to take steps to be a part of helping us at CBC get more and more healthy!

Make sure to be a part of helping us to create an atmosphere of love on Sunday Mornings by greeting and offering love to those you run into.  Look for people who don't have others around them and be used by God to offer them LOVE!