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You Are a Part of God's Plan to Reach People for His Glory

To God’s Beloved At Cloverdale Baptist Church:

It is good to have partners in the Gospel here in our own community and province as well as around Canada.

Next week I am travelling to Newfoundland on behalf of our missions program here, to speak at an ENGAGE conference as well as to preach in our partner church there.  Mile One is a joy to be a part of financially and using who we are as a church to bless and grow.  Please pray for Pastor Matt, and Pastor Steve as well as the conference that I am privileged to be a part of.  I long for God to use me to be an encouragement and blessing to church planters who gather from all over North America, as well as particularly to this partner church of ours.  Thank you for sending me, and for the joy of ministering on your behalf for God’s glory with our partners there.  I long to be filled with the Spirit, passionate and impactful, and also that Jeff and Hannah’s baby would be born before or after I go…so PLEASE PRAY!

Who does God want us to be as a church?

He wants us to be a church that overflows our love for Him and shares the Gospel with those in our sphere of influence.  We want to have a CULTURE OF EVANGELISM.

What does this mean?  It means that the primary way that we want to be used by God to reach out with the Gospel is with our lives and lips where God has placed us.  This is the, “while you are going” of the Great Commission, and means that we see evangelism as more than a program.

The call is for us to INVEST our lives in people who don’t know Jesus in our sphere of influence, to INVITE them to church, and INCLUDE them in our family with the love of God, and antennas that are constantly looking for new people.

This means we are looking for everyone who knows Jesus in our family to be a part of this passionate pursuit.  To love God so much that He impacts how you live, and what you share.  We will have programs that help us corporately in this, and want you to participate in those, but far more important to us is that each of us rejoices that we are a part of God’s plan to reach those in our lives (Ephesians 2:10).

So what is your part?

INVEST your life and prayers in this passionate pursuit of building relationships with others, and looking for opportunities to share Jesus love with them.

INVITE them to events we are having as a church, and help them to understand what is going on.  We seek to have the Gospel on display every Sunday with our lives and lips and long for the Holy Spirit to use us together to reach people.  This Sunday, a precious young lady trusted in Jesus for the first time, invited by her friends to come!  PRAISE GOD, and may we lean into this part of our culture together and invite those in our sphere of influence to come.

INCLUDE people you see and meet.  This is an intentional use of our lives at our events to reach outside of our comfort zone and include people we don’t see or no.  Maybe this Sunday you won’t invite someone new, but maybe you will be God’s tool to engage with someone new and be a part of what God is doing in their lives by just being available and aware.

We long to build a CULTURE OF EVANGELISM and need your heart and hands to do this, so will you please choose to engage with us in this pursuit of God’s glory and Gospel!

Sunday Is Coming:

Title: Identity: Be Who You Are IN CHRIST: Killing Sin Before It Kills You

Text: Colossians 3:1-11

Preparing your heart to receive the food of God’s will on Sunday’s is essential to spiritual growth and health.  Take the time to read over the text (in fact, worth reading all of Colossians if you are willing to take a few minutes).

  • Why is knowing who you are IN CHRIST so important?
  • How can we live holy lives for God and His glory in the midst of our current culture?
  • Why do Paul place such a high premium on killing sin?
  • How can you obey this passage in your life?

Thankful to partner with you in the Gospel, here and around the world,

Pastor Rob


Church-Wide Fellowship Lunch

May 26th / After Service / Fellow. Hall A great way to kick off the summer with a delicious meal and the opportunity to meet new people and connect with others in our church family. All are welcome, you won’t want to miss out!

Young Adults Retreat

June 7th–9th / Osoyoos, BC Our annual Young Adults retreat is coming up! Come for a fun weekend of camping, water sports, and fellowship. All between grade 12 to 29 years old are welcome. Registration is limited, so register online today >

Spring Business Meeting

Tue. June 11th / 7:00 pm / Sanctuary We'll be conducting general business as usual and voting on Special Resolutions. These include the 2024/25 Financial Budget and Elder, Deacon, and Pastor offices. Everyone is welcome to attend and childcare will be available for children grade 6 and younger. More details >

Kids Summer Camps

Summer 2024: Soccer Camp & Day Camp Hey parents! We're so excited to share with you that this summer we're once again organizing two summer camps! Register today >

Women's Retreat Registration

November 1st–3rd / Cedar springs, WA This 3-day retreat will be focusing on building gospel friendships, joined by special guest speaker Bronwyn Short, with fun activities and time to relax. Childcare will also be offered to mothers with infants. Registration is opening on June 2nd both online and in-person. Learn more >

Langley Food Bank Needs You!

The Langley Food Bank is a Christian organization supported by our church and they're in need of summer volunteers! If you would like to help them serve the community this summer, please contact them at

Summer Missions Trip

August 17th – 25th, 2024 We're sending a team led by Pastor Dwight to share the gospel in St. John’s, NL through a kids soccer camp in August. Support the team now >

Church Custodial Position

We’re looking for a custodian for general cleaning duties. Learn more >



Growth Group Notes:  Colossians 3:5-11

Thank you for joining us in seeking to help God’s people connect with Him, and to connect with His family at Cloverdale Baptist Church.  Growth Groups are the heart of our strategy to connect with God and one another in unity for His glory…so THANK YOU for your part in pursuing this with us.  Please continue to keep these relationships strong and intentionally pursue the Christian life in these communities, especially with our New Year’s goal of increased community.

Text:  Colossians 3:1-11

Title:   IDENTITY:  Be Who You Are IN CHRIST:  Holiness 

Why is talking about identity such an important topic?

Why do you think culture is getting this so wrong?

            Remember as you discuss this, that culture has always got this wrong!

What does it mean to be IN CHRIST?

How does our passage overflow the reality of being IN CHRIST in the push it has for holiness?

Why is this connection between identity and passion for holiness essential?

What does it mean to have, “a conscious and whole hearted effort to kill sin in our lives?”

Discuss the lists of sin that the Holy Spirit brings to the surface in this text:

            What are they?

            How can you kill them?

Sexual Immorality:


Lust & Evil Desire:

Greed (which is idolatry):

Anger, rage, malice, slander and filthy language:


The reasons that Paul gives include who you are, and who God is…particularly His wrath.

Why do you think that the wrath of God is referred to here?

How does the unity that is found in verse 11 help in pursuing holiness and avoiding cultural mistakes when it comes to sin?

How can you be a person who defines sin biblically and kills it in the power of the Spirit and knowledge of the supremacy of Jesus and being IN CHRIST?

What does it mean to delight in Christ completely?  How do you do this?


Take the time to review what Colossians 1 taught us about the Supremacy of Jesus, and praise Him for who He is!

Ask that we as a church family would live the fullness of the Holy Spirit!

Pray that we would have the courage and passion to kill sin before it kills us!

Pray for opportunities to reach out with the Gospel this summer, in His power for His glory…Acts 1:8

  • Pray by name for those God lays on your heart, for them to have an open heart, and for you to have the opportunity, courage, and power to share with them.

Pray that we would be a church filled with EAGER servants looking for opportunities to use their gifts to build up the body of Christ!

Pray for our search committee in their pursuit of a Discipleship/care pastor.

Other prayer requests: