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Welcome to September

To God’s Beloved At Cloverdale Baptist Church: 

In the midst of COVID we continue to move forward.  Thank you for making the huge efforts you are making to stay connected.  I truly believe the longer this goes on, the MORE IMPORTANT that your work on doing this is.  We long to make sure NO ONE falls through the cracks, and need your help for that.  Please stay connected personally and take ownership for your own Cloverdale Baptist Church Community.  Gathering is helping, but we still have MANY that can’t (or won’t), and need your help!  Please continue to give, gather in smaller groups and go after any you think might be lonely, or need a loving email, phone call, letter…or in any other way to stay encouraged!  WE NEED YOUR HELP!  Remember you are the church, and together we can stay connected and healthy!

September is our year start, so we celebrate servants who are leaving our Joint Servant Team (and we will miss them), and welcome those who are coming on.

This year we are thankful for Jonah Dioquino and Mike McLeod, who have served faithfully as deacons and been a blessing to us and our family over past years.  If their ministry has impacted you, please take the time to thank them for the hours they have put in!  Jonah was deacon of finance, and Mike deacon of seniors, and they have impacted our church family, and in that we rejoice!


Lee Wiebe has prayerfully decided to step back from being an elder this year.  He has served faithfully during my entire time here.  Often serving as an elder is thankless, and perhaps worse, places you in a position where you are the focus of those who seek to create division (Proverbs 6:16-19).  Lee has led in our church family with excellence, loyalty to the local church, and a passion to see us impact God’s people and world for His glory.  Through his faithfulness my ability to serve God and His people has not only survived, but thrived.  As such, I PRAISE GOD for this man (and his amazing wife), who God has given to our church for such a time as this (Esther 4:14), and believe that his impact for our church, and on my life (and family) will be celebrated in eternity.  Thank you Lee and Donna for your loyalty to God and His bride at CBC, you are loved and appreciated! 


Welcome to the Elders board, Heinz Nienkaemper.  We are blessed to have you join us to serve Jesus bride in prayer, care and leadership.

Welcome back to the deacons council, Dave Esau in finance.

Please keep your Joint Servant Team (elders and deacons) in prayer as they seek to help our church glorify God in the midst of a pandemic, and God willing, BEYOND!

Roby has joined our staff as a Young Adults Intern.  We are thankful to have him, as he has been serving faithfully in this ministry already since we had the need.  He is a man who loves God and loves God’s people, and we rejoice to have in on staff.  He is worth taking the time to get to know if you don’t know him.  Please pray for our Young Adults, as many in this world are struggling, and be thankful with us for our new intern in this essential role.

Another change this year is in the chairman of the elders role, where Ken Bayne has served with faithfulness over the past number of years.  This year the Elders have affirmed Rick Larter as their Chairman.  Please pray for him, and if you get a chance, thank Ken, who served tirelessly in this role, and was effective at helping our church unify and pursue God and His glory!  I am thankful for Ken and Carol and their willing sacrifices to be a part of building God’s family in leadership (Ken continues to serve as an elder).  Rick was the Vice Chair, and Neil Glover has been newly affirmed in that role.  Again, your prayer for these men, and our entire JST is essential for Jesus churches health!

It is hard to stay connected to changes happening in COVID, but we are trying!


Kick Off Sunday:  We are having a Drive Thru Cinnamon Bun Kick Off.  All are welcome, and we are excited to see you, and to join together in this small/large way for God’s glory.  We would love to see you on September 13, 9-10 am.  Service will start at our usual time, 10:30, and those signed up for the services will have space to park and join us.

Growth Groups:  We believe that small groups are central to our staying connected as a church family, and EVEN MORE so now.  Please make sure you are connected to a small group this year, and if we can help you with this, please let the office know.

Sunday School:  Starts September 20, STAY ALERT and join us in growing in your faith in this practical and exciting way.  More details coming your way!

What a joy to see God’s people back in the service on Sunday’s.  We were full capacity, and it still feels empty (50 ish people in the sanctuary feels a little lost).  I long for the day that we all can gather again, but until then this is a great next step!  I was very encouraged by the reports that have come from God’s people, and it looks like this gathering is a blessing to those who come. 

We would love for you to sign up, and remember that the Sanctuary is set up for online ministry, so the sound will not be what you are used to, so if that might be an issue for you, please go to the Gym or Fellowship Hall (we have noticed that in the mix the drums will sound loud live).


Remember if you come one week, please wait until Friday of the next week before you sign up again.

VERSE OF THE MONTH:  Isaiah 41:10 “Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you.  I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

I love this verse.  Take the time to watch EXAMINING THE SCRIPTURES and be encouraged by this foundational verse for trusting in God!

You can pick up a bookmark with this verse on it (great work Elias) in our foyer, and also remember that we have Daily Breads available there as well.

Speaking of Elias...Elias and Rachael, HUGE CONGRATS, and welcome to the world Tobias, born August 31, the newest member of our staff family.

Our Deacon Of Fellowship is offering a food safe course at the church.  If you want to serve in this ministry, or need to update your food safe, please contact Albert.

Date: 11 Sep (Fri) & 14 Sep (Mon) 2020

Time: 6pm - 10pm (Two evenings)

Venue: Fellowship Hall 

Interested parties please contact Albert Chuang at by 30 Aug (Sun)


This is by far the longest update I have ever written, so if you are still reading, congrats, you deserve a reward and are probably over 30 (If you are under 30, and read this contact me, and the first one that does I will give a great book by Steven Lawson, or if you would prefer, a coveted Cloverdale Baptist Church pen).

Have a blessed day, and continue to connect and PRAISE OUR GOD!


Sunday Is Coming:

Communion:  Please prepare at home for communion spiritually as have grape juice and bread ready to partake.  We believe we are gathered together, even online, and although this is not ideal, we long to continue to celebrate this essential spiritual ordinance.

This year on labour day weekend we are focusing on PURSUING GREATNESS GOD’S WAY

  • What does it mean to be great by God’s definition?
    Who do you know that shows these marks?
  • Why is understanding this so important?
  • Who can you encourage that has displayed these marks, and how? 
  • Send a note, make a phone call, and be a blessing to women and men who you have had impact your life for God’s glory!
  • How can you pursue greatness, God’s way in your life?

Blessed to serve you, excited about a new year of ministry in God’s care and power, NEEDING YOUR PRAYERS ALWAYS,

Pastor Rob

Isaiah 41:10