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Join Us in Seeking God's Will

To God's Beloved At Cloverdale Baptist Church:

What a joy it is to gather with God's people and delight in His name with you!  I am so thankful to be a part of this family, and to hear so many of your stories and thanksgiving to God!

We are in pursuit of God's will as a church family, in the call of our Worship Director.  This is a great joy and awesome responsibility, as we long to know and do the will of God!  This is so much more than choosing what we want, it is pursuing Jesus with all our hearts so that we together choose what our Master wants, for Jesus is the head of the church, and we long to know Him, and follow His call!

So how do we do this in the calling of a Worship Director?

 It will take each of us knowing and following Jesus with our hearts and minds!

  • Whole Hearted Commitment To God: Romans 12:1-2
  • Word Saturation: Romans 12:1-2
  • Walk In God’s Presence In Prayer: Ephesians 6:18
  • Wise Counsel: Proverbs 15:22; 12:15; 19:20 (congregation of committed followers of Jesus)
  • Work Towards Mission Accomplishment: Matthew 28:18-20
  • Watch For Divine Intervention; Providence: Psalm 16:8

 This is not easy, and I am thankful for a church family willing to submit to Jesus individually and help us follow Jesus corporately.  Thank you for joining us in this process, and praying for God's will with us!

As a congregation that knows that God exists, and believes that the Holy Spirit fills and guides Jesus followers, we are confident that if we are a family that chooses God’s way, we will discover together God’s will. 

Please join us TONIGHT for our prayer meeting as we seek God's will together in prayer, and have another chance to get to know Johnny and Darlene!  7-8 pm, Tuesday, July 20...for a time of song, Scripture, and seeking God in prayer.

If you are a member please join us Sunday immediately following the service on July 25 for a congregational meeting where we affirm together God's will on Johnny and Darlene.

Ministries are starting to ramp up as we move towards September, and we encourage you to watch carefully for where you can SERVE, CONNECT, and GROW.  Our passion is see people conforming to the image of Jesus, and reaching out with the Gospel, so please join us in this!  A great first and continued step is to invite 1, encourage 3, and share with any God brings across your path this week (At least 1).

REMINDER:  Talk about Jesus and why you are thankful for the Gospel 10 times for every time you talk about something or someone else.  One of the great lessons for me as we come out of Covid is how easy it is for the demonic realm to distract us from Christ, and focus us on other things.  May we at CBC be a people who are so centred on Jesus that it is hard to get us to talk about, or write about, or share about anything else.

Sunday Is Coming:

Please pray for people you haven't seen for a while, and phone a friend.  We need to encourage one another, maybe more than ever before as we re-start our pursuit of God's glory together.

Really, stop reading right now, and call someone and pray with them, and tell them what our LORD has taught you today in your time with Him.

TEXT:  Malachi 2:10-16

Title:  The Test of Loyalty

  • What does it mean practically to you, to be loyal to God?
  • Why do you think that God ties loyalty to His church so closely to loyalty to His name?
  • Why do marriage and family matter so much to God?
  • Could this be a reason why the demonic realm attacks so relentlessly?
  • How can you defend what God values?
  • How can we care for those who are impacted by divorce in our church family?
  • Why does choosing your friends wisely change who you are?
  • How do your closest friends impact you in your pursuit of honouring Jesus?


Have a very blessed week as you seek to actively engage in the good works that God has prepared for you!

Blessed to be in your family,

Pastor Rob


Please stay informed!


Please continue to give.  Our giving has been impacted by the pandemic, as has our spending, so although we are rejoicing that God has been so gracious to us through this time, we are resetting and praying that our giving will increase as we re-engage with our missional ministries.