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Connect and Serve!

To God’s Beloved At Cloverdale Baptist Church:

It is good to be a part of the family of God! A place where we belong and serve together.

As we begin the journey into spring, and the hope it brings, let us be reminded of the importance of planting spiritual seed where it matters, of being rooted and established in the family where God has placed us.

The past few years have left many feeling disoriented and disconnected, even in the church and to move forward in a healthy way we must take the time and make the effort to be healthy again.  This means each of us who call Cloverdale Baptist Church home make an effort to be connected and connect others.  It is not enough for only elders and deacons to do this, rather each of us needs to own our responsibility before God.  It is only as each part does its work that we will be whole and healthy.  This also includes serving the bride, and engaging in the building of her by using our gifts to serve.  May I encourage each of you to be a connecting connected member of the body, and to find a place to serve NOW. 

The pathway to health is paved with following the patterns of the New Testament, and this means connecting and serving, and each member doing their part.  You matter to God and us, and are a part of His plan to help His family here to health! 


Make a phone call, send an email, write a note and put in in the mail, or even the mailboxes at church…if each of us reaches out to someone we haven’t seen for a while, then NO ONE will be left behind.  HELP us to be connected so that no one at CBC will feel the impact of the worlds disorientation and division.  Be an encourager!  If each who reads this takes this seriously  we will deepen our community and NO ONE WILL BE LEFT BEHIND!


Find a place to serve, and engage NOW so that we together become who God wants!  Don’t let another day go by! 

It is a privilege to continue to serve a strong and growing online community.  We want to stay connected with you, as well as to open our arms to welcome you back to the church when you are ready.  Please continue to (start to) let us know you are listening, and how we can stay connected with you and encourage you in your walk with God.  Thank you for staying committed in your giving, and when you are ready, we are so excited to have you back in the gathered community!

Sunday Is Coming:

We are back into the book of Revelation, and there is so much there written to churches who lived in a broken world, filled with suffering, and through the Spirit written to us.  Remember it is about the future, but even more, it is written to encourage us to live for God on mission now with hope! 

  • Read Revelation 8
  • How does this passage show us the importance of prayer?
  • Why do you think it is here in the book of Revelation?
  • How are you living now in a way that displays that you believe God is real and relevant?
  • How does a picture of the wrath of God, like is found in this chapter help us to realize how important it is that we are sharing the Gospel with those in our sphere of influence? 
  • Who has God placed in your world that He wants you to share His good news with?

Pray for opportunities, and an open heart for those you will share with!

It is a joy to serve you, and to know God is building His Church,

Your servant, because I am His,Pastor Rob


Other Helpful Information:

Spark Studios Summer Camp

July 11th – 15th / 9 AM – 12:30 PM / CBCCamp registration is now open for all kids going into grades 1 to 6 this September! Register your child today. Volunteers may also apply online.

Missions Report Evening

Sat., May 14th / 6:30 PM / Fellow. HallOur missionaries Dan and Mary will be speaking about their ministry in the Middle East. Come to support them and learn about their ministry to the Arab world through media. They’ll also share on May 15th at 9am along with their adult children.

Sunday Evening Prayer Service

Sunday, May 15th / 6:30 PM / SanctuaryJoin us as we seek to make prayer a top priority at CBC. The evening will consist of a prayer time, singing, and a short devotional.

Bridal Shower

Monday, May 16th / 7:00 PM / Fellow. HallWe’re hosting a bridal shower for Tara who is getting married to Nathan very soon! Join us in blessing and supporting this special couple as they enter this new stage. View online registry.

Pastor Rob is starting to tweet, sign up for his tweets at Rob Godard.  

New Podcast Episode w/ Robyn Dueck

Our third episode of The Cloverdale Baptist Podcast is out now! Children matter to Cloverdale Baptist Church because they matter to Jesus. Robyn has developed programs that have impacted thousands of children over her decades of ministry. In this week’s episode, Robyn shares her passion and priorities for Children’s Ministry and the parent’s role to disciple their children at home.

Sound & Lighting Volunteers Needed

The Worship ministry is looking for volunteers to serve in Sound and Lighting during our Worship Services. Training will be provided. Get involved now.

Support for Missionaries in Ukraine

Please prayerfully consider supporting our missionaries in Ukraine and Poland who are meeting Ukrainian refugee needs. Support raised so far: $19,433. Donate here.