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Elijah's God Is Exclusive, and The Same

To God’s Beloved At Cloverdale Baptist Church:

What is the best way to serve God in a broken world?There are many answers to this question, but the ultimate answer is…TO BELIEVE IN GOD.  Believe that He exists and rewards those who seek Him.  To treasure Him above everything else, and live life in His presence for His glory.

I have loved meditating on the story of Elijah, and been challenged in my own life, and want to challenge you…as we live in a culture that doesn’t mind if we believe in Jesus as long as we allow for other cultural gods in our life.

The Canadian church is limping between two gods (or perhaps many more), and I encourage us to truly believe in the God of the Bible!  Lots of words, actions, churches, but very little life altering, Spirit empowered faith.  Much limping, very little love, holiness and passion!

Do you believe God is exclusive, and demands your full devotion and delight?

It is so easy to coast, and allow the concerns of our culture or family or …. to steal our joy and passion for Jesus.  Are you truly His?

Do you realize God uses ordinary people like Elijah, and are you devoted to the same God he was?

It is always a privilege to read of amazing ordinary people in the bible, but it is important we realize that we serve this God, and we can be ordinary people like Elijah and the exclusive God of the universe will use us to shape eternity.


Reject the gods of the culture, the internet, the places you go to find security and significance, and choose God and HIM ALONE! 

This is the best way to serve God in a broken world.

If you find yourself struggling with double mindedness, preach the Gospel to yourself, be overwhelmed with HIs love and forgiveness, and in light of that, choose to live for His glory ALL IN!

Privileged to seek to be fully devoted to God in the context of the Gospel with you!

Your servant because I am HIS,

Pastor Rob

Title:  God is still God in the VALLEY

Text:  1 Kings 19

Read the whole story again...1 Kings 18-19

Sometimes in the broken world we live in, victories and radical commitment to God are followed by devastation and depression.

Elijah was an ordinary man, and life was overwhelming for him when he lost his focus on God.

Life will always be overwhelming for us, if we are not fixated on Jesus!

I love God’s response to the broken hearted in situations that without God would be impossible…He is tender, and takes care of His servant.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, run to God, and feel His tender Shepherding of your life…and then SEE HIM.

That is what happens here in our story, a view of God that changes everything.

This is always God’s way.  HERO’S need JESUS, for He is the only true hero.

  • What can you do to keep your focus on Him this week?  This month?  This year?


Some things happening in our family:

Reconnection Event

Saturday, August 13th / 4:00 – 8:30 PM / CBCAn afternoon of fun games and delicious food for everyone 18 and older to reconnect with friends and meet new people. We’ll be playing games like bocce, corn hole, and even have an 18-hole mini golf contest indoors! For dinner, we’ll be serving Filipino food. Register today in the foyer!

Baptism Sunday

Sun. August 14th / During ServiceWe will be witnessing a few people going through the waters of baptism. If you have put your faith in Christ and would like to be baptized, see one of our pastors today or contact our church office.

Tuesday Evening Prayer Meetings

Tuesdays / 7–8 PM / Fellowship HallOur elders will be leading prayer meetings every Tuesday throughout the summer. We will take a short look at passages in Isaiah and pray for each other, our church, city, country and world.

How We Plan Our Worship Services

► The Cloverdale Baptist PodcastOur Worship Director, Johnny Markin breaks down the biblical structure of worship services and what goes on behind the scenes when planning Christ-centred and God-exalting services at CBC. Johnny holds a Doctor of Worship Studies degree and has led worship ministries in churches in the UK and Canada for more than 2 decades. He has written and recorded several albums of original music. Listen on your preferred podcast app!