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Thinking Right Key For Unity & Glorifying God

To God’s Beloved At CBC: 

One of the amazing privileges of being a pastor is that we get to study God’s Word as a part of our role.  We all should do this, and it has always been a hunger of mine, but especially as one who has to give an account to God for those He serves.

This past week, our focus as a church family was on 1 Peter and the joy of the BIG ROCK of loving one another, and the unity this produces.  The book of 1 Peter has a prolonged focus on our minds, and the importance of preparing our MINDS for action (1:13-14).  Of arming ourselves for this WAY OF THINKING (4:1-11), of being sober minded and self-controlled.

How we think is so important, and really the battle for holiness, the battle for God’s glory is first and foremost a battle for the way we think (Colossians 3:1-3; Hebrews 12:1-3).  This proves true in good times, and perhaps most importantly as 1 Peter is addressing, in times of trial.  How you think shapes how you live.  Really this is the point of Proverbs 4:23, and should be something we are constantly working on to protect our own passion for the glory of God, but also the unity of the bride of Christ.  How you think always shapes how you live, so we must constantly be aligning our thoughts with God’s revealed word, and living a life of repentance (alignment with God and His Word).  1 Peter tells us to ARM ourselves with this way of thinking, and the warning is that if we don't we are at risk of being worldly.

So what shapes a worldview?  The way of looking at the world that shapes our perspective on reality, really our understanding of everything.

Mohler helpfully states that there are four key questions that make up a worldview:

  1. Why is there something rather than nothing? Creation & The Creator
  2. What is wrong with the world? Sin & The Fall
  3. Is there any rescue or remedy? Redemption, Jesus accomplishing the ATONEMENT through the Gospel...
  4. Where is history heading? The fulfillment of the Kingdom of Christ.  The world is not our home, and it will not get better and better!  Jesus is coming again!  Live in light of eternity!

If we answer these questions correctly, biblically, we can avoid the worlds way of thinking, and our minds can be GIRDED FOR ACTION!  We can be the positive of Psalm 1, and meditate on God’s Word day and night.  We can be WORD SATURATED!

If you want to be a faithful Christian in a fallen world, you’re thinking matters, your pattern of thought matters.

So, in light of the mercy of God, be fully surrendered to Him, and as a follower of Jesus, avoid worldly narratives, and fill your mind with God’s Word (Romans 12:1-2). 

The way we think shapes the way we live.  The way we live will either unify the bride and glorify God, or it will divide, and destroy how people view His greatness and Gospel.

What you do with your time in taking captive every thought matters in the spiritual battle (2 Corinthians 10:5).

As we kick off this ministry year, it is essential that we become those who think right, who enter this spiritual battle word saturated, so that we stay engaged, serving, loving and unified.

We are on MISSION POSSIBLE, and thinking correctly is essential to being on God’s side through the world we live in!

Do the work to be WORD SATURATED, so we can delight in the ways of God and have a Biblical worldview, not invaded by the demonic, or destroyed by the world, or dominated by the flesh!

Fight for His way of thinking, and we will together be rewarded by great things!

Thinking with you, for His glory

Pastor Rob

Reminder to prepare your heart for communion, as we find unity and joy in partaking relationally in this powerful real symbol.


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