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Mission Possible!

To God's Beloved At Cloverdale Baptist Church:

Greetings from Calgary. It is a beautiful city to visit and the walking paths include bobcats and coyotes, reminds me a little of Houston, BC. I miss Cloverdale, but so precious to be here.

 As a pastor, it is a privilege to go to hospitals and spend time with people who have health issues.  Praying with them is an honour I treasure, supporting people on their life journey in God's strength a calling.

As a parent it is painful and a little panicky to be in hospital with your child, and to hold them, or pray for them,   a privilege in the panic.  I have had this privilege in holding one of our boys and getting them the help they need.

As a son, I have found it painful and confusing to be with my dad and mom at such a time as this.  My brother gave me a beautiful clay sculpture of Jesus calming the waters with the panicked disciples, and it has been a true ministry to my heart.  Thank you for your prayers and support for me during this time. Our church family is loving, and prayer filled and I AM SO THANKFUL FOR YOU!  While I was here, dad has been in and out of hospital, but seems to be doing well now as we wait for the next steps in treatment of his cancer. I trust God, and long for Him to do what is best for those I love, and confused as to what that is and what He will do.  Thankful He IS A VERY PRESENT HELP IN TROUBLE!

Living for Jesus in a broken world is difficult. So many distractions and things that can shift our focus, can cause us to be disappointed or devastated or disoriented. Is it possible to live for Jesus in the midst of the battles we face with the world, the devil and our own flesh?

YES!  We are in a mission that is possible in God's strength for God's GLORY.  MISSION POSSIBLE!

 What a great reminder for us as we kick off this New Year (September) that we serve a God who not only calls us but helps us.  Our Kick Off series is to look at the Bible's call to mission, and then in practical dependence how we can live that way, as we walk in the world but we are not of the world.

This MISSION is for all who know Jesus, and in the Spirit's strength, it is MISSION as you pray for me, and our church family as we begin this Fall series, also prepare your hearts to be encouraged and engaged in God's work for God's glory!

No matter what you are going through, in God's strength, with a passion for God's glory...IT IS POSSIBLE to do what He wants, and to live your life in victory for Him!

 I am thrilled we are in the Fall, and gathering to exalt God and grow to be like Him, scattering to serve one another and reach the lost.  We live in a broken world, but with God it is MISSION POSSIBLE!

Sunday Is Coming:

Title:  Mission Possible:  Passion

Text:  1 Corinthians 10:31

  • What does it mean to seek to live for God's glory?
  • Why is this so important?
  • Practically what will this look like in your life this fall?
  • How can you fight distractions, discouragements and disorientations so that you live your life for God and His glory?
  • As you reflect on 1 Corinthians 10:31 see if you can put it into your own words and apply it.

We exist for the GLORY OF GOD, and our mission is only possible if we realize how radically God centred we are called to be!

Praying for you and with you as we prepare for an amazing Fall, and year of partnering in the Gospel for the GLORY of our KING!

A Fellow Mission Possible Servant,  

Pastor Rob

This mission, if you choose to take it, is to live radically for God's make the choice...and live for the Glory of God...and everything else will line up under that!

 Much is going on in our church family, take the time to make yourself aware of all of these things and join us in them!



Ministry Launch Sunday

Sunday, Sept. 11th / 9:30 AM / Gym
A church-wide event where you’ll get to check out what’s in store for the new ministry year at CBC. We’ll be serving fresh cinnamon buns and coffee!

Baptism Sunday

Sunday, Sept. 25th / During Service
If you would like to be baptized, please talk to one of our pastors or contact the church office.

Church Membership Class

Starting Sept. 25th / 9:00 AM / Room 246
Join this 6-week course where we’ll learn what it means to be a healthy Christian and explore the doctrinal beliefs of CBC. Visit the Ministry Centre today for registration and more details. Learn more >

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